[COMPILATION] Everything you need to support any SJ album!

Below is a list linking you to every tutorial we have made to help you support any upcoming Super Junior (solos, sub-units, etc.) album released. This will be updated for each and every time this happens.

Order Your Album With Us


Price list:

Note 1: These are prices for ‘Spring Falling’ only but you can purchase other SJ albums also, please let us know in your order e-mail and we’ll give you an estimate as soon as possible. Any order inquiry can be sent to SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com

Note 2: Only one staff member is in charge of orders so please be patient even if it has been over 24hrs, we’ll get to you at all cost!


A quick guide to MelOn:

How to make a MelOn Account: https://t.co/d07o7FOXZ6

Purchase Credits With Us:  https://t.co/oyf2l45pgT

How to download app (iOS): https://t.co/xC5FBaT3LV

How to purchase credits with an Apple device:

How to Stream + Download on MelOn: https://t.co/NzHiMPK6m6 & Stream #IWish via melOn and genie

How to reset your MelOn password:  [TUTORIAL] How to reset MelOn Password


Create an account using KKT (KAKAO TALK): TUTORIAL: How to register on music site GENIE + stream SJ’s song for FREE using coupon
NOTE: Unfortunately, if you do not and cannot access a KKT account, as of March 5, 2015 only ELF who made genie accounts before that date can use genie coupons. Foreigners are no longer allowed to make genie accounts.

How to stream through Genie: TUTORIAL: How to register on music site GENIE + stream SJ’s song for FREE using coupon

Donate a genie code: https://t.co/mvNLyVMQmf
Note 1: At the moment we are only accepting donations.

Note 2: Here is a list of albums that possibly/likely have an active genie code because they were released recently so if you have one of these and have no use of your code you are welcome to donate your genie code with us ^^

EXO-CBS (likely)

KANGTA (likely)

TAEYEON (likely)

TWICE (likely)

SHINEE 1of1 (possibly/maybe)

Request for a genie code: (LINK WILL BE ADDED SOON)
Note: We will begin distribution of genie codes on or after November 10th (release date)

[TUTORIAL] How to get a free genie coupon (not sure if these links work anymore but there’s important info about genie and usage of coupons overall)

Music Video Streaming

 About Youtube Views – a General FAQ

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