TUTORIAL: How to register on music site GENIE + stream SJ’s song for FREE using coupon

**First of all, to stream Super Junior’s song through your phone and for the streaming to be counted towards the chart, you need to install the Korean app of Genie. For Apple users (iPad/iPhone), you can always look up for it on App Store. However, for Android users, it’s a bit tricky because you won’t be able to find through Google Store. Please use this link to find the Korean Genie app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ktmusic.geniemusic or you can download from here http://apkpure.com/%EC%A7%80%EB%8B%88-%EB%AE%A4%EC%A7%81-genie/com.ktmusic.geniemusic 

1. Go to genie.co.kr and look at the small box on the right.


2. Click either one of the options for Facebook, Twitter, or KakaoTalk. We suggest you use your KakaoTalk account just because Genie no longer accepts new registration with Twitter account.

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3. If you are already logged in on your twitter, you will see this page. Click “authorize app” to be allowed using your twitter account on Genie. You then will be redirected to Genie’s page.

*If you have not logged in on your twitter, it will ask you to login first to your twitter and after you log in, you should be redirected to Genie’s page. 


4. Next page is where you start your registration. Click the twitter logo on the right and it will bring you back to the Twitter confirmation page. Again, you have to “authorize app” so that you can use your Twitter account to make account on the site.



** If you use KakaoTalk to make an account, see this following steps

a) when you click KakaoTalk logo, a pop up will appear and it will ask you to login to your KakaoTalk account using the email you have registered for Kakao. If you have never registered your email before with your KakaoTalk account, click “sign up” at the bottom and you will be brought to page where you can sign up. Everything should be in English.


b) Once you login to your account, you will be brought to this page. You need to click “agree” in order for you to be able to use your KakaoTalk account to sign up for Genie.



5. You will then be brought to the agreement page. You have to check all of them to be able to go to next page. 1) Click the first box to put check in the rest of the box. 2) Click the button in the bottom to go to next page.


6. You need to make nickname for your account. You also need to put down your email that you want to use to sign up in Genie.




++++ The new system now also asks you to register your email when you’re signing up.


If the page you are having is in Korean, do not worry. Everything is the same with above screencap. Remember, when you put in nickname or email, there has to be a green check beside it. This means your nickname or email is acceptable. When everything is accepted, don’t forget to click “enter” or the button at the bottom.

7. If you see this page after clicking the finish button, it means you have successfully made your account on Genie using your twitter account. Click the button as directed by picture below to login using your twitter again.image

8. You will see this box. Click the twitter logo again and it will bring you again to Twitter confirmation page. If you’re using KakaoTalk, click the KakaoTalk logo instead. The steps will be the same as when you sign up, except you won’t be asked to put in your info again.


9. When you’re done, the site should bring you back to the main page and you should be able to see your nickname on the main page, like picture below.


** For future reference, if you want to log out and log in again using your Twitter/KakaoTalk account, just follow step 1-3

** You can also use your facebook account to make an account. It should be the same steps as making account using twitter.

** Now that you’re done making your account, follow this instruction to use Genie coupon that you can get from MAMACITA Album. This coupon will allow you to stream 100 times for free for 60 days. Instruction for that: HOW TO DO STREAMING IN GENIE FOR FREE (this tutorial is provided by @0203KYU0105EUN )

12 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: How to register on music site GENIE + stream SJ’s song for FREE using coupon

  1. elfaerie

    how to register using computer? i followed the first step and then they asked me my phone number…i don’t have a phone :(

    • pri3an

      Unfortunately, foreigners can no longer make genie accounts after March 5 =( If we find another way, we will update this post and tweet via @sjworld~

  2. it says that we can’t sign up using SNS account anymore since march 5 so what should we do :(

    • pri3an

      Hi, if we find another way for international ELF to register, we’ll update this post and tweet via @sjworld~

  3. love4anchovy

    Hi. Do you have another link for genie app for android users? The link you provided doesnt work for me. I’m from Vietnam. Thank you!

  4. tiara

    Any link for iPhone users?

  5. Waiskuxx

    Hey how do i buy from Genie? The app is down so I’m using the Website and the English website is also down, Also am i able to buy music through Credit card (Visa)

  6. Please update the tutorial. We can no longer use SNS to register. TT TT

  7. Bele

    Hi! How do I register from Kakaotalk?

    • Bele

      Thanks! I can do it!

  8. J

    is genie available at Indonesia?? if available I want to stream too… hehehe

  9. VNY

    is it still cant make genie account???

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