[TUTORIAL] How to get a free genie coupon

Streaming via genie helps in music shows and it also counts towards Gaon’s digital chart!

If you have an android device, please follow the following tutorial to get a free genie coupon.

Part 1: https://twitter.com/eunhaes_/status/618895113213755392

Part 2: https://twitter.com/eunhaes_/status/618895318164246528

Part 3: https://twitter.com/eunhaes_/status/618895502189277184

Part 4: https://twitter.com/eunhaes_/status/618895737066160128

Part 5: https://twitter.com/eunhaes_/status/618895943555940352

cr: @eunhaes_

What is a genie coupon? A genie coupon contains 100 song credits. If you register the coupon in your genie account, you can stream 100 songs. For example, you can stream the title track #DEVIL on genie 100 times or the full album (which has 10 songs) 10 times.

Can I use a genie coupon? Only ELF who made genie accounts before March 5, 2015 can use genie coupons. Foreigners are no longer allowed to make genie accounts.

What if I have a genie coupon but I can’t use it? You may donate the coupon to SJ-World. Please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com to donate the coupon. Please take note that genie codes from Mamacita, This is Love, Rewind, At Gwanghwamun, and The Beat Goes On are all expired.

How can I stream via genie if I have a genie account? This tutorial shows how to stream via genie: http://blog.naver.com/love0sadie/220111652286

How many coupons can I register in my genie account? Around March, there was a maximum of 5 codes that can be registered in 1 genie account. As of now, you may register more codes in your genie account.

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