[TUTORIAL] How to create a MelOn account + Vote for Super Junior on MelOn Music Awards


All information compiled and translated for SJ-WORLD.NET

Source: www.melon.com

*** Note: When signing-up please use gmail/daum/naver email. MelOn doesn’t work well with yahoomail and hotmail.

*** Please read step 5 carefully.

✰ Register for MelOn ID ✰

Step 01.

➱ Go to MelOn page (www.melon.com)

Step 02.

Find the log-in box and click on ‘회원가입’ to Register.

Step 03.

Agree on Terms and Conditions. Check the top box to agree to all terms then click ‘다음 단계’ to proceed to the next page.

Step 04.

Fill out information then click ‘다음 단계’ to proceed to the next page.

ID or email is available for use / ID or email has been used already, that means you need to change it.

Strong password

Weak password, you need to modify.

Step 05.

Confirm account via email. Click ‘인증번호 받기’ (Send code to email) then a red text will appear saying that the code has been sent to your email. Check your email and type in the 6 number code on the second box then click ‘인증하기’ to confirm. Type in the captcha code and click sign-up complete.

This is how the mail from MelOn looks like. If their mail doesn’t appear in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folders.

Step 06.

MelOn will give you a summary of your information and you’re done. Just click ‘멜론 홈’ to proceed to MelOn main page.


✰ Vote for Super Junior on MelOn Music Awards ✰

Step 01.

➱ Go to MelOn page (www.melon.com) and log-in your MelOn ID.

Step 02.

Go to MelOn Music Awards page (awards.melon.com), click ‘2014투표하기’ and vote for Super Junior!

* Unfortunately Super Junior is not nominated for TOP10 voting because MAMACITA didn’t top MelOn chart. Let’s wait until Oct. 31st, Super Junior might be nominated in other categories.

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