[TRANS/MEDIA] A Man’s Promise To His Son & Their Conversation

written by winecouple0137 & translated by yoojin @sjworld

cr. TEUK’S Twitter/IG

Teuk’s Tweet/IG trans:

#kyuhyun #solocomeback #waitingforyou #honoraryambassador #justhowmanyhonoraryambassadorsarethere?ᄁᄁ #whenitscold #ballad #balladkyu #smt #promise

Translation of the Conversation between Teuk and SJ.Kyuhyun:

Our leader had promised our magnae ten promotions on social media and after having posted the first one they had a conversation in which Leeteuk jokingly reminds himself and Kyuhyun he still has nine more to go 😅😂

The conversation read:

sj.kyuhyun: yes hyung~ thank you, kamsa!

sj.kyuhyun: Oh, our hyung!

sj.kyuhyun: I’m touched

sj.kyuhyun: hehehehe

sj.kyuhyun: (emoticon)

teuk: there’s 9 left ᄁᄁᄁ

sj.kyuhyun: I love you^^ please take care of me ㄲㄲㄲㄲ

sjkyuhyun: thanks to hyung, the promotion will do well^^

teuk: I will work hard

Yoojin (@teukables) trans


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