[Transcript/KTR] 150821 Sukira 9th Anniversary Special EunTeuk DJ

lmfao teuk told hyuk to make a wish and hyuk was like “i hope that our old leeteuk-ssi will be healthy for a long time” XD

they each had a banner hung on them. Hyuk’s one says “veteran DJ” and teuk’s one says ” the legendary DJ” and hyuk was like “this is wrong”

but teuk said they did scissors paper stone outside so hyuk did scissors paper stone again with teuk and won so he has both banners now HAHA

hahahaha the first PD that did sukira left a voice message for eunteuk DJ! he is saying that even when he was no longer the PD for sukira and even if they keep changing phone numbers, they will always contact him and let him know their new numbers and they will always greet him for the new years but one day, he(he didn’t mention who but teuk pointed at hyukjae XD) stopped contacting him so it was that time that he felt “ah, super junior is doing well” XD


When her voice message started, “hi i’m writer ho”…… teuk: okay thats all we are gonna listen today

This writer says that when she first came to sukira, she was 26 and came prettily but now, she is 33 and is old. She says she is the same age with teuk and at that time, she went to show off that she has a same aged idol friend thinking that it would be easy for them to become close but teuk only spoke to her formally while he talks very well with the prettier staff members XD

teuk said “eyes noseu mouseu”……………………… (for the song name of eyes nose lips)

Teuk said that he will go and visit hyukjae at the army and record an audio clip for the 10th anniversary of sukira XD


transcript credit Yoojin @sjworld.net

please take out with full credits, thankyou

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