“The ELF Quiz To Rule The World” #7YearsWithSJWorld

Our 4th event for #SJWorldWeek and #7YearsWithSJWorld is “The Quiz To Rule The World” that challenges your knowledge of Super Junior as individuals and them as a group!


“The Quiz To Rule The World”
  1. We will give you a riddle like fact and you have to match it with the member it corresponds to.✍
  2. Each question will be given hourly and the answers will be given at the end of each hour. ⏱
  3. Tweet your answer and try to explain why you think it’s that member under the character limit (or write a note and screen shot it if your answer is lengthy), and… 📝
  4. Use the hashtags: #7YearsWithSJWorld #슈주세계제패 #QRW 🎉
  5. Make sure to use all hashtags!

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