[150718/TRANS] Compilation of Henry’s parts in Where is My Friend’s Home? Episode 2 + FULL RAW VID

Compiled and translated by earthna @ SJWORLD.NET

Henry taught his brother Clinton Korean pick up lines

Guillaume: Clinton, are you good in Korean?
Clinton: No, I’m not. (in Korean)
Henry: Just say whatever you can say. To a woman.
Guillaume: pick up lines!
Clinton: Henry taught me.
Henry: No I didn’t teach you. It’s not something that I taught him.
Clinton: Should we have a cup of coffee?
If she says no: “It’s okay. Maybe next time.” (totally the way Henry would say it lol)
It’s Oppa’s treat.
Henry: Anything else?
Clinton: *shakes head*
Henry: But you learned so much!
Henry’s Dad: It’s because there’s no lady here. If there’s a lady, well…

Henry’s surprise visit

Guillaume asked Henry’s family if Henry calls them often. Clinton says he does all the time and can’t stand it if he doesn’t have facetime. One time, he flew back to Toronto for a surprise visit. It was Sunday morning and there was a knock on the door. His mother was quite cranky because it was so early but goes “OHHHH HENRYYY” when she opened the door. He bought her an iphone saying “Mom, this is an iphone. You need one so we can facetime”

Henry: That time, I was thinking of sending it as a present but (I came here) instead as a surprise”