150823 Ryeowook Twitter Update: the manager took this photo of us rehearsing

@ryeong9: the manager took this photo of us rehearsing ~^^ kyu~ yesyong hyong. Thank you E.L.F. Let’s have a good time today too ! Good night♡


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150823 Siwon Instagram/Twitter/Weibo Update: thank you cutie tak

@siwon407: thank you cutie tak, tak yoonjoo and the other staff from SM Entertainment for the nice wine that was sent to congratulate the filming of the drama and (to relieve some of the filming) pain/tedium :^) ㅎㅎ#Emos #smentertainment


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150812 Siwon Twitter/Instagram Update

Life’s fighter

There are school fees in life too. In order to gain the important things you have to pay a price and there are times when you have to endure without anything promised. The higher the price you pay, the longer you have to wait. The longer you learn, the deeper and wider your life becomes.

From Lee Aekyung’s ‘Where did you leave me and come’

Translated by @13elieveSG

[PIC/TWITTER/TRANS] 150705 Kyuhyun Update 1P

Credit: @GaemGyu
Translated by 13elieveSG
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We ate ramen! It’s delicious ^^ It’s been hard work on you today! Let’s meet tomorrow ^_^

150622 [Instagram/Twitter update] Donghae tells ELF to meet him in his dream

source: leedonghae

trans: yingmay_


@leedonghae: Hong Kong de ELF wo men rang ge ren fei chang hen kai xin yi wei ni men de event wo men you hennnnnn gan dong !! Xie xie wo ai ni men !! Zhen de zhen de ai ni men jin tin wan shang wo de meng li mian jian mian !! Wan an

Trans: Hong Kong ELF we both are really happy(,) because of your event we are reallyyyyyy touched !! Thankyou I love you all !!  Really really love you all(,) tonight let’s meet in my dreams !! Goodnight

note: he even tagged himself as eunhyukee :D


150620 [Instagram/Twitter update] Donghae thanks Hong Kong ELF :D

source: eunhyukee44

trans: miheexp

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@leedonghae: 오늘 홍콩 D&E 콘서트 너무 즐거웠습니다. 다음에 또 만나요 :) #Superman #한국사람2남자 #HongKong ELF #Event

Trans: It was really fun at Hong Kong D&E concert today. Let’s meet again next time :) #superman #korean2guys #HongKong ELF #Event