SJWORLD Project:

Save It Up 2017!

☆★ Info

SJWORLD is encouraging ELF to begin saving money towards Super Junior’s 2017 Comeback, which will most likely be sometime between end of October – early November.

If ELF begin saving money as early as now, September 7, more ELF can afford to buy the comeback album. The more ELF buying albums means the higher the chance for Super Junior to top charts and win awards.

At the moment, SJ’s comeback is rumored to be on their 12th anniversary, November 6, 2017. If that will be true, then we have 60 days from now to save for the comeback.

How to save money



SJWORLD Project:

SJ 2017 Comeback!

☆★ Info

SJWORLD is accepting donations towards Super Junior’s 2017 Comeback, which will most likely be sometime between end of October – early November.

  • Donations would be used to increase physical sales, digital album sales and digital streaming.
Physical albums
  • Donations towards physical albums will be used as prizes for ELF only
  • SJWORLD holds events for ELF such as watching the MV to increase the views, discussions of the MV or performances, and streaming events via melOn and genie. Winners from these events can win a physical album, which will be shipped directly from Leesmusic (in Korea) to the winner.
  • SJWORLD purchases albums from Leesmusic
    • SJWORLD has been ordering albums from Leesmusic since 2010, for Bonamana
    • Leesmusic sends individual receipts per album
    • Purchase from Leesmusic count towards both Hanteo and Gaon charts
  • Comeback albums usually cost between USD12-USD15, exclusive of shipping.
    • Shipping cost for 1 album only via registered mail would be an additional USD8-USD10, depending on the weight of the album
  • SJWORLD will have a preorder for the album beginning in September so we can boost the preorder sales as well. Please stay tuned for when we are ready to release more info regarding that.
Digital albums and streaming


[ORDER] SJWORLD Merchandise for KCon LA 2017

Order SJWORLD Merchandise

for KCon LA 2017!

☆★ Info

SJWORLD is taking orders for support merchandise for D&E at KCon LA 2017!

  • Payments are required to secure your order.
  • Location for pickup on Friday, August 18: Outside Starbucks, near the Los Angeles Convention Center. Address: 800 W. Olympic Blvd., 102, Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • We are accepting orders until Monday, July 31 at 7pm EST (extended) if you want your merchandise shipped to you (excluding the shirt and blue glow bangle).
    • You can pick an SJ member name to be on your saturn or candy lightstick.
    • Your order will be shipped via first class mail so you will receive your order by August 10 the earliest and August 15 the latest.
    • Deadline to send your payment is August 4.
  • We are accepting orders until Tuesday, August 8 (for lightsticks and nametags) if you want to pick up your merchandise on Friday, August 18.
    • Deadline to send your payment is August 11.
    • If you send your payment by July 31, you can pick an SJ member name to be on your saturn or candy lightstick.
  • We are accepting orders until Friday, August 18 for shirts, drawstring bags, hand fans, glow sticks and bangles.
  • Pickups on Saturday, August 19
    • We will only allow pickups on Saturday, August 19 to those who definitely cannot make it to the Friday meetup.
    • SJWorld will NOT have one location for meetups on Saturday. We will be moving about throughout the day so we are trying to do limited pickups on Saturday.
  • You can order even if you are not attending KCon LA 2017.
    • We can accept orders until Sunday, August 6.
    • We will ship your order at the end of August, a week after KCon LA.
    • If you are outside of the US, please be aware that shipping cost could be expensive. You can order with friends so you can all share the shipping cost.
  • Deadline to send your payment is August 18.
  • If you have any questions, please email sjworldusa@gmail.com

All costs in USD

☆★ Merchandise costs (without shipping)

SJWorld shirt – $12 (available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)

SJWorld drawstring bag – $5 (14 inches x 15 inches)

Saturn lightstick – $15 (You can pick an SJ member name on your lightstick if you get it shipped to you)

Candy lightstick – $15 (You can pick an SJ member name on your lightstick if you get it shipped to you)

Long SJ lightstick – $7 (short lightstick no longer available)

SJWorld hand fan – $2

Super Junior nametags (English or Korean) – $3 (each)

Blue glow bangle – $2 (one time use)

Blue glow stick (6 inches long) – $2 (one time use, photo to be added)

SHIRT Packages (Packages are only available for pickup)

  • Package A – $15
    • SJWorld shirt
    • 2 blue glow bangles | 2 blue glow sticks | 1 blue glow bangle and 1 blue glow stick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package B – $20
    • SJWorld shirt
    • short OR long lighstick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package C – $25
    • SJWorld shirt
    • saturn OR candy lightstick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package D – $15
    • SJWorld shirt
    • 2 blue glow sticks
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package E – $15
    • SJWorld shirt
    • 1 blue glow bangle and 1 blue glow stick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag

D&E Albums

  • The Beat Goes On Standard Edition – $16
  • The Beat Goes On Standard Edition – $18
  • You can order either opened albums with choice of EH photocard or a sealed album.
  • 1 album comes with a free D&E poster. You can opt for a folded or rolled poster if you want your order shipped.

☆★ Shipping costs

Concert Merchandise (excluding D&E albums)

  • First class mail within the US – between $3-5
  • First class mail outside of the US – $13 or more.
  • If you are outside of the US and would like to order 10 or more lightsticks, shipping cost would be cheaper.
  • For orders to the Philippines (via Johnny Air) – $11-$16
    • This would cover 2 pounds (or 900 grams) worth of merchandise, which is equivalent to about 12 lightsticks.
    • Whether you order 60 grams worth of merchandise or 900 grams, shipping would cost the same. It’d be best if you order with friends.
    • For $11, you can pick up at Makati or Ortigas Mega Mall.
    • For $16, you can opt to have your order shipped directly to your address.

D&E Albums

  • 1 album + folded poster – $4 via media mail
  • 1 album + rolled poster – $7 (album via media mail, poster via first class mail)
  • Pickup on Friday night, August 18 in LA. Exact time and location TBA.
☆★ Payment Methods
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • USPS money order (for US only)
  • Bank of America e-transfer (for US only)
  • Western Union
  • bank transfer (we will find a representative in your country to help accept your payment)
☆★ Order & Inquire

If you want to order, please email sjworldusa@gmail.com with:

Subject title:

  • Pick up at KCon LA on Friday
  • Shipping to (indicate state if in the US or country if out of the US)

Body of email:

  1. List of Merchandise
  2. Paying asap or at a certain date
  3. Payment method

[TUTORIAL] Downloading and streaming in melOn through your PC

If you’re using your phone to stream, you can find the tutorial here.

→ Using your computer to download

  • Open your melOn player and log in. If you don’t have an account, we have a tutorial on how to make one.
  • Click on the search tab. Make sure the side option says 앨범 on it. If not, click on the drop down arrow and choose 앨범.
  • Search “Yesung” and your screen should be like this. Double click on the first one.
  • The album page would appear. Select all the songs and click download.
  • A pop up would appear. Choose in which folder you want it saved and click download.
  • The next pop up screen may or may not appear but if it does, you can just type in the name of your computer. (Note: I wasn’t sure what it meant. I made one up and it worked fine.)
  • Your download should start after that. This pop up will appear.


[ORDER] Here I Am

Order [Here I Am]

with SJ-World!

☆★ Info

SJ-World orders albums, DVDs and photobooks from Leesmusic

  • Purchases from Leesmusic count towards both Hanteo and Gaon charts
  • Albums are shipped from Korea with tracking numbers
  • Here I Am was released on April 19.
  • You can choose between 3 shipping methods: registered mail, FedEx IE or EMS
  • When you order Here I Am, you may also include DEVIL, MAGIC and any Super Junior merchandise you are interested in (as long as Leesmusic has the merchandise in stock)
  • There is no deadline to order.

All costs in USD

☆★ Merchandise costs (without shipping)

Yesung: Here I Am – $11.50

☆★ Shipping costs

Please check carefully for folded and rolled poster(s)

  • registered mail takes 1-2 weeks to arrive
  • EMS takes 2-3 business days to arrive
  • FedEx IE takes 3-5 business days to arrive
  • all come with tracking numbers

Keep in mind that the cost for other countries may be similar or slightly more than the price listed below.

Shipping cost via registered mail of 1 Here I Am

Country  with folded poster with rolled poster
US $8.90 $15.40
Canada $8.90 $15.40
Mexico $9.90 $16.90
New Zealand $8.90 $15.40
Australia $8.90 $15.40
Philippines $7.90 $13.90
Singapore $7.90 $13.90
Indonesia $7.90 $13.90
Malaysia $7.90 $13.90
India $8.90 $15.40
Saudi Arabia $8.90 $15.40
France $8.90 $15.40
Germany $8.90 $15.40
Italy $8.90 $15.40
United Kingdom $8.90 $15.40
Costa Rica $9.90 $16.90
Brazil $9.90 $16.90
Argentina $9.90 $16.90
Panama $9.90 $16.90

To inquire about cost of other shipping methods, costs of a bulk order with many albums, costs of other Super Junior merchandise or costs to any other country not listed above, please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com

☆★ Payment Methods

Western Union
USPS money order (for US only)
bank transfer (we will find a representative in your country to help accept your payment)

☆★ Order & Inquire

If you want to order, please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com with:
Subject title – your city | country (if in the US, state/country)
Body of email:

  1. Quantity of Merchandise
  2. Rolled or folded poster
  3. Paying asap or at a certain date
  4. Payment method
  5. Preferred shipping method (registered mail | EMS | FedEx IE | compare all costs)

If you want to inquire about other cost combinations, please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com with:
Subject title – your city/country (if in the US, state | country)
Body of email:

  1. Quantity of Here I Am
  2. Quantity of other SJ merchandise
  3. Rolled or folded poster
  4. Ordering for sure or just inquiring
  5. Paying asap, in a few days, or in a few weeks
  6. Payment method
  7. Preferred shipping method (registered mail | EMS | FedEx IE | compare all costs)

Please keep in mind that only one staff handles all orders. There is no need to send multiple emails of the same order. You should receive a response within 72 hours the latest.

[NEWS/INFO] Yesung helps co-write/compose songs for his album!

written by winecoupe0137 @sjworld

“Here I Am” the album’s title song


With the release of Yesung’s Highlight Medley for his 1st solo album we came about the fact that he helped co-write and compose the lyrics for 3 songs on his album. While we already knew about his contribution with “Here I Am” and “Confession” we can now add “My Dear” to the list of songs he helped write the lyrics or composed for.


[PERF/RADIO] 7 years with SJWORLD | #슈주세계제패

SJWorld’s 7th Anniversary

SJWorld launched as an international forum on March 3, 2009 just in time for the audio teaser release of Sorry Sorry. Asides from being the first international fanbase who supports all SJ members and subunits, SJWorld gained many visitors in ELF’s excitement of SJ’s long awaited 3rd album comeback.

Today, SJWorld is proudly anticipating SJ’s 8th album comeback. We hope many ELF are waiting patiently with us. We may not always be active in posting updates but we will always be prepared to support SJ by assisting ELF buy SJ’s digital releases and making sure albums count towards Hanteo and Gaon charts. Together, let’s continue to help Super Junior dominate the world! #슈주세계제패

In the meantime, feel free to order any SJ album you have yet to collect by emailing us at SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com and we will check if Leesmusic still has it in stock~

Thank you to everyone who trusted SJWorld and helped SJWorld grow throughout the years. We dedicate 7 years of love to all of you 


Henry’s visit to Mexico on a Mexican newspaper!

      credit: reforma newslilyrovzllen

shared and translated by winecouple0137 @SJ-World.net

Please do not re-upload and give proper credit. Thank You!


       Title: Korean Drives Mexican Fans Crazy

If the city had already been jolted by the arrival of Pope Francis, it was more so after the arrival of Henry Lau, Korean Pop Singer.

Known as one of many K-Pop idols, the young man arrived on Thursday to do a recording for a reality tv show popular in China and South Korea named Sisters Over Flowers that showcases the adventures of asian celebrities in foreign countries.

According to Alma Chavez —a fan of the artist who is a member of the boyband Super Junior-M— more than 500 persons gathered at Terminal 2 of Mexico City’s international airport to welcome the star.

“He arrived at 3:20pm from a flight that took off from Shanghai and made a stop in Tijuana. We found out there were fans at both terminals and because of the big crowd he was unable to come out and greet us,” she explained.

Upon landing, the 26 year old musician born Canadian set about his journey to the historical center of the city where he would be staying at.

“He arrived by bus along with his staff. They went up to the hotel and made a lot of recordings inside.

“We waited until he went out to eat so we could take pictures, but he never went out.” Marion Silva said, he is the director of K-Pop Zone Mexico, a site that specializes in said music genre.

It wasn’t until yesterday when the artist interpreting ’Trap’ came out and went to various places and pleased his fans with pictures and told a few words of affection.

“I arrived at 10 am but it wasn’t until 12 when he came out to take pictures with us and even went out of his way to play along with us if we brought up a conversation. He’s super accesible.

“He went to the San Juan market and to the museum of chocolate located there and is now (yesterday) eating at Cafe Tacuba,” 16 year old Diana Chavez said.

According to the fans, Henry Lau would leave early today, making a stop in Cancun and continuing on his journey to Peru and Argentina.


[HANTEO] Devil continues to catch up to Mamacita’s performance for the 2nd week of September

Hi ELF!!

Sorry we haven’t updated you on sales in a while, staff has been busy.


Hanteo Top 100 for the 2nd week of September


Super Junior

Devil held the top spot for SJ this week in the no. 19 spot on the top 100! As of 08-23-15 Devil has passed the 147.2K mark.

In comparison, Mamacita A sold 128 000 units in all of last year, and Mamacita B just under 32 900 units all of last year. If the sales continue for Devil, it’s well on its way to surpass 7jib A+B combined!! Let’s keep going, ELF!

Devil is currently taking up spot no. 5 on the yearly chart, putting Suju as the 4th best selling album on Hanteo for the year.


Super Junior D&E

TBGO Special Edition made it into spot no. 84 of the Hanteo top 100!  D&E are still the 6th best seller on Hanteo for the year! D&E also hold spots no. 15 and no. 47 in the yearly chart with both editions.

Midnight & Dawn (M&D)

M&D have sold 22 400+ albums so far this year. For an album that was supposed to have limited release, it has actually sold fairly well and is still in the Hanteo top 50 best sellers at no. 46.

Disclaimer: SJ-W admins keep their track of SJ sales to the best of our abilities. Numbers for the albums may not be exact, but should be fairly close to the actual sales.

Hanteo sales and screencaps credits go to weibo users 没MJ可以用了 and 关爱逗比成长协会会计部