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Although he is not my blood related brother..ㅋ My brother Lee Sungmin. His phone number is still saved in my phone as ‘sweet pumpkin’. “Boil more pumpkins~ Because I will eat all of them^-^” The lines went like that.. forgot about it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sungmin-ie who has always been quiet, who has never caused any trouble, was exceptionally busy today..^-^ There’s something I always say. “Yah you can’t hit Sungmin-ie even with a flower”. Right, our Sungmin-ie is a flower, you can’t hit my face (it’s a flower, that’s right that’s right) tooㅋㅋ I didn’t realise if it was too much as I was part of the promotion this time as well? our members were really tired but they happily relied on each other. It will be like this in future too. Therefore let us all live happily together for a long long time as oppa dongsaeng unni noona while holding on to each other’s hands!! I am the one who hates cheesy words the most but when our Sungmin-ie.. Sungminie who has never cried anywhere said.. “Hyung.. I’m sorry.. to our fans.. And to our members too..” I was really sad.. Even if it won’t be a silk road for our sweet pumpkin, let’s not make it a tough road~ I love you my kids!! Although I’m Kim Heechul who can’t even make a heart properlyㅠㅠ buing buing