▶️ [Project] SJtwELFth | Establishing ELF Rules

In continuing on with our SJtwELFth project series to celebrate the boys 12th year anniversary, here’s our third project!

On a recent episode of SJReturns [1][2][3][4], the boys created “SJ Rules” to prepare for their comeback.


SJWorld is wondering what is everyone doing to support their comeback? What are your ELF rules? Everyone has their own ways of supporting the boys.

Here’s an example:


Feel free to include your name and country if you would like. Tailor to what you feel comfortable with. Your ELF rules can be as simple as just one rule to cheer them from a far or to as many goals as you want. Do what you can! Every effort counts! We encourage you to be as creative as you can~

If you don’t have time, you could also just take a picture of your approval (인) agreeing to support the boys as much as you can! Like so:


If you would like to add our beautiful SJWORLD slogan onto your picture, you may find here:


👉🏻 Tag our twitter: @sjworld or our Instagram: @sjworldnet with the #SJtwELFth hashtag. Adding any SJ-related hashtag (ie #ELFrules #ELFSolemnlySwear #블랙수트 #PLAY #슈퍼주니어PLAY #SJreturns) is a bonus!

P.S.: If for whatever reason you can not follow your own ELF rules, then… a butt slap you shall receive!

credit: @dalmoonim

Don’t forget about the first project and second project and enjoy! Please share our SJtwELFth projects with fellow ELF! 💙

⚠️ [PROJECT] SJtwELFth | Reacting to Super Junior Videos

The countdown has started and we are all excited for Super Junior’s upcoming comeback!

To celebrate this, SJWORLD is running a number of projects for ELF around the world. We posted about the first project which you can check out if you haven’t yet. For our second round of projects, we challenge you to react to a Super Junior video.

🔹 Film yourself (you can do it in groups too!) reacting to a Super Junior video that you haven’t watched for a long while. It can be a music video, a clip from a show, a performance video, or anything with Super Junior in it!

🔹 Talk about how it feels to watch the video again. Did you notice something that you didn’t see before? Was the experience different this time around?

For example:

🔹 Make sure to include your twitter/IG username or name (optional) and your city/your country on the video.

🔹Please also add our beautiful SJWORLD slogan onto your video, you may find here:


🔹 Most importantly, have fun!


👉🏻 link the video through our twitter: @SJWORLD with this hashtag: #SJcomesback171106 #SJtwELFth

👉🏻 link the video through our Instagram: @sjworldnet with the same 2 hashtag mentioned above

P.S: Feel free to add “warning”, “경고” ⚠️sign to your tweet/Instagram post.

P.S.S.: Feel free to add any SJ-related hashtag if you want. But the first two is a must (#SJcomesback171106 #SJtwELFth) for participation :)

We are super excited to see your reaction videos. Let’s all walk down memory lane~

Please also share about this project to your ELF friends! The more, the merrier!

⚠️ D-28 ⚠️

*If this project becomes successful, it will become a permanent part of SJWORLD blog.

⚠️ [Project] SJtwELFth | re-create SJ albums post 🎉💙

Greetings ELF! 🎉 The countdown for #SuperJunior comeback has begun, aren’t we all excited?

Incredibly inspired by our @yesung1106 ‘s post, SJWorld is planning on a project where we challenge ELF to re-create this istagram pictures posted by Yesung. As the comeback date will be on SJ 12th debut anniversary, re-collection of albums is perhaps one of the best ideas to bring us altogether!

🔹The main purpose of this project is to gather ELF’s participation as well as raising attention toward SUPERJUNIOR’s comeback in this coming November! 💙 Showing how much we support the boys! ⚠️⚠️⚠️ And just have fun in re-creating them!

🔹The picture don’t have to be exactly the same as Yesung has posted.

🔹For the album(s) that you may not have, you can of course, replace it with another of SJ or SJ sub-unit or SJ individual albums. As the project is aim to support SJ as a whole group, of course, ELF is feel free to include Sungmin, Kangin, Henry and Zhoumi albums or pictures related to the post as well.

🔹Definitely, wonderful ELF, feel free to be creative with how you arrange the albums, or background, rotate the pictures…etc!

🔹After taking the picture, make sure to put your twitter/IG username or name (optional), your city/your country & message (optional) on the picture.


For instance:




🔹Please also add our beautiful SJWORLD slogan onto your picture, you may find here:







👉🏻through our twitter: @SJWORLD with this hashtag: #SJcomesback171106 #SJtwELFth

👉🏻through our Instagram: @sjworldnet with the same 2 hashtag mentioned above.

P.S: Feel free to add “warning”, “경고” ⚠️sign to your tweet/Instagram post. 

P.S.S.: Feel free to add any SJ-related hashtag if you want. But the first two is a must (#SJcomesback171106 #SJtwELFth) for participation :)


We’re looking forward to receive your pictures! Have fun!

Please also share about this project to your ELF friends!


Thank you so much! 💙



SJWORLD Project:

SJ 2017 Comeback!

☆★ Info

SJWORLD is accepting donations towards Super Junior’s 2017 Comeback, which will most likely be sometime between end of October – early November.

  • Donations would be used to increase physical sales, digital album sales and digital streaming.
Physical albums
  • Donations towards physical albums will be used as prizes for ELF only
  • SJWORLD holds events for ELF such as watching the MV to increase the views, discussions of the MV or performances, and streaming events via melOn and genie. Winners from these events can win a physical album, which will be shipped directly from Leesmusic (in Korea) to the winner.
  • SJWORLD purchases albums from Leesmusic
    • SJWORLD has been ordering albums from Leesmusic since 2010, for Bonamana
    • Leesmusic sends individual receipts per album
    • Purchase from Leesmusic count towards both Hanteo and Gaon charts
  • Comeback albums usually cost between USD12-USD15, exclusive of shipping.
    • Shipping cost for 1 album only via registered mail would be an additional USD8-USD10, depending on the weight of the album
  • SJWORLD will have a preorder for the album beginning in September so we can boost the preorder sales as well. Please stay tuned for when we are ready to release more info regarding that.
Digital albums and streaming


Proyecto “슈주(SuJu)월드(World) Dominat10n” (en Español)

Nuestro Proyecto

SJWorld invita cordialmente a ELF de todo el mundo y a traves de los 7 mares para que se unan en nuestro proyecto de video y fotolibro en celebracion de estos 10 bellisimos años compartidos entre Super Junior y ELF. El equipo de SJWorld quiere que nos unamos y participemos en este proyecto para demostrar nuestro apoyo existente como los que seguiremos teniendo en años que vienen para Super Junior. Demostrando nuestro amor y dedicacion en forma de una foto que habla mas fuerte que una palabra o cantando esa cancion favorita que te inspiro, motivo, y que estubo hay en los peores y mejores momentos.


Información Importante + Fecha Limite
  • Todos estan bienvenidos a participar en ambas secciones de este proyecto.
  • La fecha límite de este proyecto es el 15 de Octubre de 2015.  La fecha límite para el proyecto del video podría ser extendida, dependiendo de la participación. Favor manténte alerta a twitter donde daremos información si esto llegara a suceder.
  • Cualquier pregunta puede ser enviada al correo electrónico sjworldproject@gmail.com. Si tienes preguntas sobre el formulario o el proyecto por favor envía un correo con tu(s) preguntas antes de entregar tu respuesta a ambos formularios. Gracias. 


De que consiste el proyecto para el fotolibro: 

El foto-libro especial tendrá fotos tomadas por ustedes (E.L.F), sosteniendo un album de Super Junior. ¿No quieres mostrar tu rostro? ¡No hay problema! ¡Sólo requerimos una foto del álbum con un lindo paisaje de fondo (enséñale a Suju tu país)! Por favor, pedimos que SOLAMENTE salga el album y el paisaje de fondo en la fotografía. Esta será incluida en el foto-libro con tu nombre y el de tu país, ademas de un pequeño mensaje escrito por ti.



Compartido por Geona @SJWorld. Sulphur Mountain. Banff, Alberta.


Compartido por Pri3an @SJWorld. Paradise Bay Island. Lake George, New York.


Compartido por H @SJWorld. Pike Place Market. Seattle, Washington.

*El fondo de su foto debe ser tomada en las afueras (con un paisaje) para mejor representar tu país.

Nuestro formulario les pedira lo siguiente:

  • Nombre
  • Ciudad, País
  • Correo Electronico
  • Cuenta Social (twitter ó facebook)


Despues, nosotros los contactaremos para asignarles un album y lo siguiente:

  • Una imagen de decente calidad (si esta borrosa es muy probable que no se acepete por razones de calidad del fotolibro)
  • Un mensaje de 3 lineas en tu idioma


*Favor de llenar nuestro formulario para participar en el fotolibro aquí. Sea consiente de que despues de haber llenado nuestro formulario con su lista de albums lo revisaremos para evitar varias repeticiones y cubrir mayor cantidad de albumes posibles. Todos tendrán la oportunidad de participar asi que no se preocupen por quedar afuera!


El Proyecto de video consiste en:


Nuestro muy especial proyecto de video sera hecho de varios covers de las canciones de Super Junior por ustedes las fans.


Les pediremos lo siguiente:


  • Información de Contacto:
  • Nombre y Pais
  • Correo Electronico
  • Cuneta Social
  • Un mensaje pequeño de 3 lineas para Super Junior


  • Requisitos para tu video:
  1. La calidad debe ser NO MENOS de 480p (cualquier video de menor calidad no sera aceptada)
  2. De preferencia en formato MP4 (pero unicamente solo si usted lo puede hacer)
  3. Necesitaremos un enlace de su video (esto puede ser por forma de Youtube o alguna pagina que permita compartir archivos como mediafire or 4share)
  • Requisitos de cronometraje (el tiempo largo de su video):
    • Favor de ecorger una pequeña parte de su cancion que consista de 8 a 10 lineas o simplemente puede cantar el coro de la canción.


Nuestro equipo de SJWorld unira todo en un solo video para el producto final.


Llenar nuestro formulario para el proyecto de video aquí.



슈주(SuJu) 월드(World) Dominat10n Project

What is the project about?

SJ World invites E.L.F around the world and across the 7 seas to joins us in our 10th anniversary video and photo book project in celebration of these 10 wonderful years shared between Super Junior and E.L.F. We would like you all to come together and join this project to show we still support the boys after many years and will continue to do so in the long run. Let’s show them our love and dedication though a picture that speaks louder than words or singing your favorite song that inspired, motivated, or simply reached out for you in times of sadness and happiness.

Important information + Deadline for this project!
  • Every fan is welcome to join both sections of this project. If you are planning on joining both sections please fill out BOTH forms. Thank You.
  • Deadline for this project is October 15 but deadline for video project might be extended until further notice. Please look out on twitter for any deadline extensions regarding this project.
  • Any inquiries may be sent to sjworldproject@gmail.com. If you have any questions about the form or project please send us an e-mail before submitting your response to either form. Thank you.
  • EVERY ONE WILL have the chance to be on the photo book regardless of how many albums they have.

Our special photo book will consist of pictures taken by you (the fans), holding a Super Junior album with a landscape/background. You can also feature SJWorld’s “슈주 세계 제패” towel. The main slogan “슈주 세계 제패” stands for “SuJu World Domination” and will be a fun way to give the title of this project more significance!

It is optional, but if you want your picture to feature SJWorld’s towel please visit here for inquiries regarding price of towel and other things.

  • The towel can be featured only if you have it and it does not have to be in the same photo as the album.
  • Because we might not be able to reprint the towels in time it is not a requirement to have the towel.



Shared by H @SJWorld. Pike Place Market. Seattle, Washington.



Shared by Geona @SJWorld. Sulphur Mountain. Banff, Alberta.


Shared by Pri3an @SJWorld. Paradise Bay Island. Lake George, New York.

*The background of the photo has to be taken outdoors in order to best represent your country.

In our form you will be asked for:

  • Name
  • City, Country
  • E-mail
  • Social network (twitter/facebook)

Then, we will contact you to assign an album for you, and the following:

  • An image of decent quality (we will not accept blurry pictures for quality purposes)
  • A short message of 3 lines in your language (please provide English translation if you can)

*Please fill out our form for the photo book here. Be advised that after filling out our form we will check your list and assign an album for you so we don’t have too many repeats and so we can cover as many albums as possible! 


Video Project will consist of:

Our special video project will consist of various song covers made by you for Super Junior.

We hope many of you participate!

*Changes for video project have been made and have been edited. Please review the changes made.

You will be asked to:

Fill in our form for video project here

You will be asked for the following:

  • Contact Information:
  1. Name and Country
  2. E-mail
  3. Social Network {twitter/facebook/etc.} (preferably one and commonly used)
  4. Write a short message (with maximum of 3 lines) for SJ.

After you have filled out our form and have your video ready (make sure the video meets all requirements) e-mail us with the link to your video. More information about video requirements and e-mail requirements below. 

  • Video requirements:
  1.  Quality must be at least 480p (anything lower will not be accepted)
  2. Preferably in MP4 format
  3. Provide us with a link to your video (you can use YouTube or file sharing sites like 4share or mediafire)


  • Length requirements:


  1. Please choose a small part of a song it can consist of 8-10 lines or chorus of the song. Our hard working staff will piece everything together for the final product.


Once your video has met the requirements and is ready to be sent please do the following:

  • Send us your video to sjworldproject@gmail.com
  • Use “SJWorld Video Project Submission” as the subject for the e-mail



*For Frequently Asked Questions about our project visit here.

[PROJECT] SJ-WORLD ‘We Can Feel It!’ Global Fan Project

What is it?


SJ-World is looking forward to your participation in our ‘We Can Feel It!’ global fan project. Our mission is to make Can You Feel It viral and we want to show not only Eunhyuk and Donghae, but Super Junior as a whole the power, enormity, and unity, of ELF and K-Pop. Coincidentally it corresponds with our Anchovy’s birthday; Eunhyuk! We encourage K-Pop fans to join in as well and celebrate the awesome song that all SM artist enjoy!




☆★ April 3, 2015 KST – April 31st (Midnight) KST

We are aiming to have a couple of videos before Eunhyuk’s birthday and throughout the whole month.




☆★ Post your video on any social media (ex. instagram, YouTube, or Vine).

  • Length is not an issue, you can do a short video or a lengthy one.
  • We recommend that the video quality be no less than 480p.
  • You may be by yourself or with a group.

☆★ In your video please include the following:

  • Name (can be voiced or added to your video)
  • City, Country (can be voiced or added to your video)
  • A congratulatory message dedicated for the success of SuperJunior-D&E (optional)

☆★ Please add the following hash-tags:

  • #SuperJuniorDnE #CanYouFeelIt #GlobalFanProject

☆★ Tweet and mention:

  • Super Junior + SJ-World. (SJ-World will share the most creative and clever videos)



☆★ How to watermark?

If you have no idea how to add your name, state, country, and message, YT has a subtitle/caption tool. Or, you can upload your video stating the aforementioned requirements and SJ-World will do it for you.

☆★ Don’t have any of the aforementioned social media?

If you do not have any of the aforementioned media you can send us your videos which will be uploaded on SJ-World’s YouTube account with proper credits.

☆★ Do you feel uncomfortable showing your face?

If you don’t feel like showing your face you can always find a clever way to cover it up, or you can have a friend or family member on it instead.

Here is a sample video of how  your video should look like. Of course, we encourage you to be more creative.

Inquiries or Questions?

Any questions or inquiries can be sent to SJ-World‘s ask.fm.


Want to send us your video for help?

Fill out the form below:

  • State, City, Country
  • Please specify if you need help with subtitles/captions for your video or need help to get your video uploaded on SJ-World’s YouTube.

[PIC/Trans] 141108 Eunhyuk’s instagram updates SS6 Hongkong

Credit: @eunhyukee44

Trans by: @teukables


@eunhyukee44: 감동스러워서 눈물 날 정도로 아름다웠던 이벤트를 사진으로 남기고 싶었는데…얘네……하…..#HKELF #LOVEYOUALL

Trans: I wanted to keep a picture of this beautiful event that almost made me tear because it was touching but…these kids……ha…..#HKELF #LOVEYOUALL