[141025] Park Jun Ha: Kyuhyun is a singer who can interpret songs by composers very well.

Park Jun Ha: Kyuhyun is a singer who can interpret songs by composers very well.

This is an interview in the Consumer Times with Professor Park Jun Ha; About education in professional music, and the current situation of Korean youths in pursuing music.

The interviewee is Professor Park Jun Ha, who is currently teaching at Pai Chai University’s Media and Music faculty. (Original article: www.cstimes.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=126820 )

(Kyuhyun related parts)
Professor Park Jun Ha expressed, “There are singers that exist, who are able to interpret a composer’s musical world very well. I feel that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is like that.”

The song “Wish”, which was recorded in TVXQ’s 4th album, “Mirotic- Special Edition”, was composed by Professor Park Jun Ha. TVXQ’s Changmin, (then)Junsu, as well as Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Ryeowook participated in the song.

“Wish” was originally planned to be recorded as one of the songs in the “Mirotic” main album. But Professor Park Jun Ha felt emotionally exhausted after rearranging the song 7-8 times and decided to take a temporary rest. Hence the song “Wish” was delayed in production, and could not be put in the main album. As he felt that this song, “Wish” very strongly encompassed his own thoughts, it was difficult for him to (settle for what he felt best represented what he wanted the song to be) complete it.

In the end, Professor Park Jun Ha passed the song to someone else for production, and he would only be involved in the recording. And at the moment when he listened to Kyuhyun singing the song in the recording studio, he teared up, and thought to himself, “So this song could sound so moving like that.”

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