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[NEWS] Kyuhyun Tops Japan’s Oricon Chart On The First Day!

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On May 25, Kyuhyun topped the Oricon Daily Chart in Japan. He topped first on the chart and what’s best is that he did so as soon as it was released! The single includes three songs titled  ‘Celebration~ 君に架ける橋’, ‘Lost My Way’, and ‘Beautiful’.

We couldn’t be any prouder and we are sure he is very happy about the news and probably has done his “victory dance” a couple of times by now. We cannot express how happy we are, specially because of what it stands for and what it means. He not only topped the chart, but also did it on his first day and with his debut single!

And now I end this with a Happy Anniversary and a congratulatory greeting for these amazing news! I’m starting to think “Celebration” wasn’t chosen as a random album/single title! Anyways, Happy Celebration Day of Kyuhyun and we are happy to have been with you during these 10 years and hope you are with us for far longer. To more years together and accomplishments like these! 🎉🍾🍻🍷

Update [News] Eunhyuk filming Running Man

UPDATE: Super Junior Comeback 3rd week of July

According to this twitter post and the website below, SJ release a new special album on the 3rd week of July!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 5.15.36 PM


Update: In response to the article, SM said they will announce SJ’s comeback date next week.

[NEWS] Eunhyuk’s Exploding Popularity Even From Elementary School!

In the latest episode of MBC’s Radio Star Actress Jeon So Min revealed that she was schoolmates with Eunhyuk during elementary and middle school. Although they were schoolmates, she said that they weren’t close. “Eunhyuk was very popular back then and I was not,” she said.

She also revealed that there was a time when they danced together for a Sports Day in 4th Grade. Apparently, she’s been the target of older students’ jealousy, accusing her of acting pretty while dancing with Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk has been in the bottom of appearance rankings in Super Junior but our dear anchovy has been popular since his childhood! I mean, who can resist him, right?


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