[FUNDRAISING] SJWORLD Merchandise 50% will go towards the 2017 comeback.

Order SJWORLD Merchandise

50% will go towards comeback

☆★ Info
  • SJWORLD has shirts and drawstring bags for sale. 50% of the profit will be donated towards Super Junior’s 2017 comeback to increase both physical and digital sales! Shipping costs are not included.
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[Giveaway Event] SJWorld’s 8th Twitter Anniversary! 🎉💙

Yes, that’s right! It’s SJWorld 8th Twitter Anniversary! 💙🎉🎊💙


To celebrate SJWorld twitter anniversary & to thank you all for your support for SJWorld, we’ll be having a one-day giveaway event! 🎉🎉🎉


📍How to participate in the event:

👉🏻 Simply, you just have to retweet, quote, mention with hashtag #SJWmerch this  SJWorldmerchandise tweet from @SJWorld Twitter!

& we will select the winners!

This is a one-day event that will run from now till July 30th, 2017 4:00 PM EST~

Please noted that our event is open up to everyone for participation! :)


There will be 3 winners who will get either: 1 SJWorld shirt, or a drawstring bag, or a hand-fan.

Giveaway Prizes: 

1 SJWorld shirt

 1 SJWorld drawstring bag

and 1 SJWorld hand fan!


We really look forward to your participation! The selected winners will be notified shortly afterward!

Once again, let’s cheers to SJWorld 8th Twitter Anniversary and counting! ❤❤❤


You also have an option to place order for other support merchandises by SJWorld here, for more info: SJWorld Support Merchandise 2017

[ORDER] SJWORLD Merchandise for KCon LA 2017

Order SJWORLD Merchandise

for KCon LA 2017!

☆★ Info

SJWORLD is taking orders for support merchandise for D&E at KCon LA 2017!

  • Payments are required to secure your order.
  • Location for pickup on Friday, August 18: Outside Starbucks, near the Los Angeles Convention Center. Address: 800 W. Olympic Blvd., 102, Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • We are accepting orders until Monday, July 31 at 7pm EST (extended) if you want your merchandise shipped to you (excluding the shirt and blue glow bangle).
    • You can pick an SJ member name to be on your saturn or candy lightstick.
    • Your order will be shipped via first class mail so you will receive your order by August 10 the earliest and August 15 the latest.
    • Deadline to send your payment is August 4.
  • We are accepting orders until Tuesday, August 8 (for lightsticks and nametags) if you want to pick up your merchandise on Friday, August 18.
    • Deadline to send your payment is August 11.
    • If you send your payment by July 31, you can pick an SJ member name to be on your saturn or candy lightstick.
  • We are accepting orders until Friday, August 18 for shirts, drawstring bags, hand fans, glow sticks and bangles.
  • Pickups on Saturday, August 19
    • We will only allow pickups on Saturday, August 19 to those who definitely cannot make it to the Friday meetup.
    • SJWorld will NOT have one location for meetups on Saturday. We will be moving about throughout the day so we are trying to do limited pickups on Saturday.
  • You can order even if you are not attending KCon LA 2017.
    • We can accept orders until Sunday, August 6.
    • We will ship your order at the end of August, a week after KCon LA.
    • If you are outside of the US, please be aware that shipping cost could be expensive. You can order with friends so you can all share the shipping cost.
  • Deadline to send your payment is August 18.
  • If you have any questions, please email sjworldusa@gmail.com

All costs in USD

☆★ Merchandise costs (without shipping)

SJWorld shirt – $12 (available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)

SJWorld drawstring bag – $5 (14 inches x 15 inches)

Saturn lightstick – $15 (You can pick an SJ member name on your lightstick if you get it shipped to you)

Candy lightstick – $15 (You can pick an SJ member name on your lightstick if you get it shipped to you)

Long SJ lightstick – $7 (short lightstick no longer available)

SJWorld hand fan – $2

Super Junior nametags (English or Korean) – $3 (each)

Blue glow bangle – $2 (one time use)

Blue glow stick (6 inches long) – $2 (one time use, photo to be added)

SHIRT Packages (Packages are only available for pickup)

  • Package A – $15
    • SJWorld shirt
    • 2 blue glow bangles | 2 blue glow sticks | 1 blue glow bangle and 1 blue glow stick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package B – $20
    • SJWorld shirt
    • short OR long lighstick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package C – $25
    • SJWorld shirt
    • saturn OR candy lightstick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package D – $15
    • SJWorld shirt
    • 2 blue glow sticks
    • SJWorld drawstring bag
  • Package E – $15
    • SJWorld shirt
    • 1 blue glow bangle and 1 blue glow stick
    • SJWorld drawstring bag

D&E Albums

  • The Beat Goes On Standard Edition – $16
  • The Beat Goes On Standard Edition – $18
  • You can order either opened albums with choice of EH photocard or a sealed album.
  • 1 album comes with a free D&E poster. You can opt for a folded or rolled poster if you want your order shipped.

☆★ Shipping costs

Concert Merchandise (excluding D&E albums)

  • First class mail within the US – between $3-5
  • First class mail outside of the US – $13 or more.
  • If you are outside of the US and would like to order 10 or more lightsticks, shipping cost would be cheaper.
  • For orders to the Philippines (via Johnny Air) – $11-$16
    • This would cover 2 pounds (or 900 grams) worth of merchandise, which is equivalent to about 12 lightsticks.
    • Whether you order 60 grams worth of merchandise or 900 grams, shipping would cost the same. It’d be best if you order with friends.
    • For $11, you can pick up at Makati or Ortigas Mega Mall.
    • For $16, you can opt to have your order shipped directly to your address.

D&E Albums

  • 1 album + folded poster – $4 via media mail
  • 1 album + rolled poster – $7 (album via media mail, poster via first class mail)
  • Pickup on Friday night, August 18 in LA. Exact time and location TBA.
☆★ Payment Methods
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • USPS money order (for US only)
  • Bank of America e-transfer (for US only)
  • Western Union
  • bank transfer (we will find a representative in your country to help accept your payment)
☆★ Order & Inquire

If you want to order, please email sjworldusa@gmail.com with:

Subject title:

  • Pick up at KCon LA on Friday
  • Shipping to (indicate state if in the US or country if out of the US)

Body of email:

  1. List of Merchandise
  2. Paying asap or at a certain date
  3. Payment method