⚠️ [Project] SJtwELFth | re-create SJ albums post 🎉💙

Greetings ELF! 🎉 The countdown for #SuperJunior comeback has begun, aren’t we all excited?

Incredibly inspired by our @yesung1106 ‘s post, SJWorld is planning on a project where we challenge ELF to re-create this istagram pictures posted by Yesung. As the comeback date will be on SJ 12th debut anniversary, re-collection of albums is perhaps one of the best ideas to bring us altogether!

🔹The main purpose of this project is to gather ELF’s participation as well as raising attention toward SUPERJUNIOR’s comeback in this coming November! 💙 Showing how much we support the boys! ⚠️⚠️⚠️ And just have fun in re-creating them!

🔹The picture don’t have to be exactly the same as Yesung has posted.

🔹For the album(s) that you may not have, you can of course, replace it with another of SJ or SJ sub-unit or SJ individual albums. As the project is aim to support SJ as a whole group, of course, ELF is feel free to include Sungmin, Kangin, Henry and Zhoumi albums or pictures related to the post as well.

🔹Definitely, wonderful ELF, feel free to be creative with how you arrange the albums, or background, rotate the pictures…etc!

🔹After taking the picture, make sure to put your twitter/IG username or name (optional), your city/your country & message (optional) on the picture.


For instance:




🔹Please also add our beautiful SJWORLD slogan onto your picture, you may find here:







👉🏻through our twitter: @SJWORLD with this hashtag: #SJcomesback171106 #SJtwELFth

👉🏻through our Instagram: @sjworldnet with the same 2 hashtag mentioned above.

P.S: Feel free to add “warning”, “경고” ⚠️sign to your tweet/Instagram post. 

P.S.S.: Feel free to add any SJ-related hashtag if you want. But the first two is a must (#SJcomesback171106 #SJtwELFth) for participation :)


We’re looking forward to receive your pictures! Have fun!

Please also share about this project to your ELF friends!


Thank you so much! 💙


[Instagram] Collection of SJ D&E for NYLON Korea ! 💙

Get a glimpse of Hyukjae&Donghae NYLON Korea Photoshoot! ☺️☺️For September issue!

Collection of their photos via Instagram Source: 

SuperJunior LabelSJ  ; eunhyukee44 ; leedonghae  ; nylonkorea

From SuperJunior LabelSJ  Instagram:


From eunhyukee44 ; leedonghae Instagram:

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NYLON with D&E

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From Magazine nylonkorea :

[Twitter/Instagram] Trans 150905 Eunhyuk “ice-cream” time with Donghae and the model on set :)

source: eunhyukee44

trans: teukables

shared: withsky0408 @ SJWORLD NET

@eunhyukee44: 아이스크림 츄룹츄룹

Trans: ice-cream slurp slurp

150823 Donghae Instagram/Twitter Update: KRY you’ve worked hard ^^

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KRY 수고했어 ^^ 멋지다 !! ㅎ

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@leedonghae: KRY you’ve worked hard ^^ handsome !! ㅎ



translated by Yoojin @sjworld.net

please take out with full credits, thankyou

230815 Kangin Twitter/Instagram Update [2P] Hong Kong Cat’s Funeral Promotion


Thank you Hong Kong fan Everyone I will appreciate and eat well ㅎㅎ
translated by jemster @ sjworld.net
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150823 Leeteuk Instagram/Twitter/Weibo Update: ..me on a happening saturday

@special1004: ..me on a happening saturday. I went to exercise without fail today too.. I bumped into minho here coincidentally.. I went to the sauna.. And minho followed too.. From cleansing to the make up after a dip in the treatment tank.. I shared the leeteuk therapy (with minho).. At the end, minho said.. “Hyung~ my body and face seems to feel more taut” everyone, would you like to experience the leeteuk therapy? Don’t miss the chance..


@special1004: ..originally.. There are 2 wifi antennas.. They’ve exploded..ㅋㅋㅋ the fans are giving my shirt’s brand a huge windfall.. I should become a partner (with them)..


translation sources (1) (2)

translation credit worldwideelfs

please take out with full credits, thankyou