141206 Donghae was awe by ELF attending SS6 Osaka!!

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Trans: justhaehyuk

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@leedonghae: 오왓따 ^^

Trans: Ah there it is ^^

And in this same insta video: it’s totally awesome [trans- @justhaehyuk]

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오왓따 ^^

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141206 Donghae Shared a Pretty Clip of Sapphire Blue Sea~

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@leedonghae: Osaka !!!! Dome.!!

[Post was originally written in English] The sapphire blue ocean by made ELF attending SS6 Osaka is definitely pretty and memorable! :)

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Osaka !!!! Dome.!!

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[CONTEST] Share Our Bridges Together to SJ and ELF

☆★ How to Join

[Your twitter must be set to public for
the duration of the contest]

  • SJ-World would love to share Our Bridges Together Project to SJ and ELF
    • You can tweet the video with the hashtag #Acrossthe7Seas to SJ members and friends
    • SJ-World would love for SJ to see that ELF from across the 7 seas support their 7th album and that ELF are still here for them after their 2 year hiatus in Korea
    • SJ-World wants to inspire ELF that we can be one, that our bridges can be together, forever
  • You can tweet as many times as you want
  • You can RT @sjworld’s tweet about this contest
  • You can tweet from this blog post (scroll down)
☆★ Prizes

Mamacita Version A, Mamacita Version B or This is Love album

  • The winner gets to choose the album. The winner can choose the cover for This is Love album as long as Leesmusic has it in stock.

OR you can choose any Korean album SJ ever released

  • You can choose whichever album SJ or any of the subunits released in Korea as long as Leesmusic has it in stock.
☆★ How to win the prizes

1) If any SJ member retweets an ELF’s tweet with the video, that ELF wins a prize

2) If an SJ member tweets about the video, we will go to #Acrossthe7Seas hashtag and see who tweeted about the video the most

3) If more than one SJ member RTs or tweets about the video, we will give away more than 1 prize~

[VID] Our Bridges Together | 9th Anniversary Project

Our Bridges Together | SJ-World’s 9th Anniversary Project for SJ: http://sjworld.net/project-our-bridges-together-9th-anniversary-project/

#Acrossthe7Seas is SJ-World’s slogan for SJ 7th Album

designed by @pastakyu

• “7 seas” stands for all of the world’s body of water and it is a reference to the 7th album
• The slogan means that ELF will follow Super Junior anywhere across the 7 seas
• The Korean version of the slogan “7대양을 가로질러 그들이 온다” translates to “They (SJ) come across the 7 seas”
• SJ-World began using the slogan when Leeteuk was released from the army on July 29, 2014
• Coincidentally, the slogan relates to the lyrics of Islands.

[The purpose of Our Bridges Together] SJ-World wants SJ to know that ELF from all over the world still support them proudly even if it has been 2 years since they last released an album.

Many ELF showed off their country by a body of water, by a mountain, or on a bridge because of the meaningful lyrics of Islands. The last line of the song says “Our Bridges Forever.”

The video started in North America, then continued to South America, Africa, Australia/Oceania, Europe and Asia.

ELF from 41 countries participated in the project:
1) USA
2) Costa Rica
3) Canada
4) Guatemala
5) Mexico
6) Panama
7) Argentina
8) Bolivia
9) Chile
10) Sudan
11) Morocco
12) New Zealand
13) Guam
14) Australia
15) Germany
16) The Netherlands
17) Norway
18) Austria
19) Finland
20) Czech Republic
21) Ukraine
22) Spain
23) Hungary
24) Scotland
25) Italy
26) France
27) China
28) Turkey
29) Indonesia
30) Russia
31) Vietnam
32) Japan
33) Philippines
34) Georgia
35) Kazakhstan
36) India
37) Kuwait
38) Brunei Darussalam
39) Sri Lanka
40) Israel
41) Malaysia

SJ-World would like to thank all participants! We only had a month to work on this project but many ELF submitted and made this project wonderful. Thank you everyone~

[PIC/Trans] 141108 Eunhyuk’s instagram updates SS6 Hongkong

Credit: @eunhyukee44

Trans by: @teukables


@eunhyukee44: 감동스러워서 눈물 날 정도로 아름다웠던 이벤트를 사진으로 남기고 싶었는데…얘네……하…..#HKELF #LOVEYOUALL

Trans: I wanted to keep a picture of this beautiful event that almost made me tear because it was touching but…these kids……ha…..#HKELF #LOVEYOUALL