[Eng Trans/Full compilation] D&E Interview – SMTown Special Stage Hong Kong

source: D&E interview

english translation full credits: @gheihyuk twitter

Note: There is a slight edit, for direct source,

Please refer to @gheihyuk D&E Interview Twitter Trans (Thank you)

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Q: Comment on each other’s greatest change before and after army. What do you miss most while being in army?

EH: The greatest different is.. firstly, he became a real man, became more handsome and gives off a more manly feel.

DH: What is what a lot of people thinks because there have been a 2 year gap, this is unavoidable. Talking about change, even though we became more manly, but I think we became younger.

EH: Saying this makes me shy..

DH: I know you will be shy so I said it first…

EH: Thank you. Because I was really serious about self management~ To meet everyone after a long time, we really work hard managing ourselves to show everyone our good looking and cool side so to some extend, you can say that we look younger…

DH: What i miss the most during army (then his voice broke HAHA)

EH: You are trying to say that it’s them (refers to ELF) right

DH: Yes of course i miss the fans the most while I was in army and also the members and also doing super show, recording albums, I will think of all the memories on stage.

EH: Me too! A lot of fans sent in letter and I spent my free time reading them. The letters gave me a lot of strength and it brought back a lot of memories.

Q: When can we hear D&E’s new song?

EH: When is our new song coming out? (LOL Hyukjae sounds like he is teasing us here)

DH: we will first focus on SJ’s activities. even though there are many fans who like D&E, D&E activities are scheduled for next year,

EH: but we can’t really say for sure, since we like to surprise people and give them gifts so we may say next year but it might not be…  (HYUKJAE IS SUCH A TEASE)

EH: I wish fans continue to stay curious… (LOL ㅋㅋㅋ)

DH: it might come out next month~

EH: yes we might surprise fans any moment, so please anticipate!!

Q: The song “Winter Love” has left a lot of fans feeling touched, Can you talk about how the song is being composed?

DH: this song was composed as a gift for our fans before we enlisted and the meaning was for fans to wait for us and also before we enlisted, the only thing we can do for fans was to compose this song…. The song lyrics is about temporary separation. Even though it was autumn, but because we had to part so it felt like winter… It included the meaning that we would go and return well, as a present for our fans.

Q: How would you describe yourself in the 30s? What will you be like in 10 years?

EH: We were asked this question quite a lot when we were in our 20s and as I recalled my answer and now that I am really in my 30s, it is different from what I imagined. I still look really young and I’m still doing activities and releasing songs, so I cannot foresee what will happen 10 years later and I feel like it will be different from other people in their 40’s.

DH: We might still be working hard and promoting~

EH: Because we want to be together with everyone for a very long time. Therefore, we will work hard to stay together for the next 10 years to continue showing everyone our good sides.

Q: Each, please say a line that you are confident in Chinese.

EH: Long time no see my wife (HAHAHA and EunHae both burst out laughing)

EH: I miss you! Are you ready? I love you all~ (in Chinese) 

DH: Long time no see I am Donghae. My dear babies (his favourite line LOL), are you all healthy? I am also healthy. Recently, we are preparing our new album so everyone please look forward. I love you all~ thank you! (still speaking in Chinese, as Bel noted that Donghae’s Chinese seemed to have improve as well) 

EH: Chinese is as easy as eating rice (Hyukjae’s legendary line, lol.. and donghae was lauging)


Q: what do you want to say to fans who are here to watch your performance?

EH: Everyone has waited for us for a long time and we really miss everyone, we will never part now right?

DH: (In chinese) You will enjoy SMTOWN concert

EH: I love you all (Hae burst out laughing again) You have to keep confessing your love!! It is better if you keep confessing!

Then Donghae was trying to say other things but Hyukjae kept insisting for him to say I love you all in chinese and Donghae finally did say it! (LOL) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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☆ 슈주의 2017년 컴백을 기대한다♥️ = “We look forward to SuJu’s 2017 comeback♥️”

SJWorld support towel_a

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[Instagram] Collection of SJ D&E for NYLON Korea ! 💙

Get a glimpse of Hyukjae&Donghae NYLON Korea Photoshoot! ☺️☺️For September issue!

Collection of their photos via Instagram Source: 

SuperJunior LabelSJ  ; eunhyukee44 ; leedonghae  ; nylonkorea

From SuperJunior LabelSJ  Instagram:


From eunhyukee44 ; leedonghae Instagram:

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NYLON with D&E

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From Magazine nylonkorea :

150622 [Instagram/Twitter update] Donghae tells ELF to meet him in his dream

source: leedonghae

trans: yingmay_


@leedonghae: Hong Kong de ELF wo men rang ge ren fei chang hen kai xin yi wei ni men de event wo men you hennnnnn gan dong !! Xie xie wo ai ni men !! Zhen de zhen de ai ni men jin tin wan shang wo de meng li mian jian mian !! Wan an

Trans: Hong Kong ELF we both are really happy(,) because of your event we are reallyyyyyy touched !! Thankyou I love you all !!  Really really love you all(,) tonight let’s meet in my dreams !! Goodnight

note: he even tagged himself as eunhyukee :D


150620 [Instagram/Twitter update] Donghae thanks Hong Kong ELF :D

source: eunhyukee44

trans: miheexp

shared: withsky0408 @ SJWORLD

@leedonghae: 오늘 홍콩 D&E 콘서트 너무 즐거웠습니다. 다음에 또 만나요 :) #Superman #한국사람2남자 #HongKong ELF #Event

Trans: It was really fun at Hong Kong D&E concert today. Let’s meet again next time :) #superman #korean2guys #HongKong ELF #Event

150620 [Twitter/Instagram update] Hyukjae thanks Hong Kong ELF :D

source: eunhyukee44

trans: teukables

shared: withsky0408 @ SJWORLD

@eunhyukee44: 고마워요 Hongkong!!!! 이벤트도 감동 받았어요…여러분도 저희에게 소중한 Present에요💙 #디앤이 #한국사람2명 #30대아저씨 #홍콩이벤트 #약올라 #사진은피렌체 #어쩜 #화보같아 #멋져

Trans: thanks Hong Kong!!!!! I was touched by the event too… everyone is also a present to us💙 #DnE #2koreans #ahjussiintheir30s #hongkongevent #pictureistakenatfirenze #howisit #likeapictorial #sohandsome

P.S. lol he knows he is handsome too! in that pic, everything is perfect. i like it a lot. perfect picture, perfect timing, perfect sun set, perfect scene, perfect views, and just perfect perfect Hyukjae 💙

[HANTEO] Week of May 18- May 24 – M&D, Super Junior DnE and Kyuhyun chart in the top 100

Another week, another update here at SJ World!

As has been the trend, SJ made their presence in the Hanteo top 100 yet again this week.

M&D, the subunit of SJ’s own Kim Heechul and The TRAX’s Jungmo, takes the top spot for an SJ unit this week at no. 34. This puts M&D’s album Cottage Industry at 21 772 units sold and 19th in the overall yearly Hanteo Chart.

Next up are DnE, taking spots no. 40 and no. 42 in the weekly chart with their album The Beat Goes On (TBGO, special and standard edition, respectively). This puts TBGO Standard Ed. at 74 425 units sold and 6th overall for the year, and the Special Edition at  18 539 units sold and 20th overall.

Finally, we saw  Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghwamun taking spot no. 54 this week, proving that the ZombieKyu effect is still in full force. 


Disclaimer: SJ-W admins keep their track of SJ sales to the best of our abilities. Numbers for the albums may not be exact, but should be fairly close to the actual sales.


Hanteo sales and screencaps credits go to weibo users 没MJ可以用了 and 关爱逗比成长协会会计部

[Instagram/Twitter] Trans 150312 Donghae Has Seen Their D&E Ads Board at the Subway

credit: leedonghae

trans: teukables

shared: withsky0408 @ SJWORLD NET


leedonghae: 자하철타러갈까 ?? ㅎㅎㅎ

Trans: Should i go and take the subway ?? ㅎㅎㅎ

D&E “Growing Pains” Ads Board at the subway is a collaboration of certain fansite together! :)

[Instagram/Twitter] Trans 150312 Eunhyuk Thanks ELF & Proposes an ELF Entertainment

credit: eunhyukee44

trans: teukables

shared: withsky0408 @ SJWORLD NET


eunhyukee44: 어떻게 이런 생각까지 했지? 진짜 고마워요! ELF Entertainment 계약할 수 있나요?

Trans: How did you guys come up with this? Thank you so much! Can i sign contract with ELF Entertainment? #growingpains #ELF #awesome #theresnothingyouguyscantdo #promotionelf

I think this is the calling number, its this kind of fancy object that usually vibrates when you orders are ready :)


P.S. Heenim also made a comment onto Eunhyuk’s instagram afterward asking when would D&E Variety Show release? And if he should contact ELF Entertainment or not, too.


P.S.S. ELF Entertainment also becomes one of Twitter World Wide Trending Topic! :D

[Instagram/Twitter] Trans 150312 Donghae Thanks ELF for Supporting “너는 나만큼” ♥

credit: leedonghae

trans: teukables

shared: withsky0408 @ SJWORLD NET


leedonghae: 고마워요 ELF !! 최고의 홍보네요 !! 오늘 하루도 힘내야지 :) 사랑해요 !!

Trans: Thanks ELF !! This is the best way of promoting !! I have to do my best for today too :) I love you !! #witheunhae*

*witheunhae is one of EunHae’s biggest fansites :) For D&E comeback, they have supported and collaborated with other big fan sites of Donghae&Eunhyuk in putting up banner / ads board / newspaper to help in promoting :)