150323 D&E ‘The Beat Goes On’ Special Edition Digital Release/iTunes

credit: iTunes


The Beat Goes On’ Special Edition by SUPER JUNIOR-D&E released digitally today!

They are also available on iTunes U.S. store, click below :)

Please support D&E through both Korean digital streaming and iTunes. Thanks

[CONTEST] SJ 9th Anniversary Twitter Event

☆★ Let’s celebrate SJ’s 9th Anniversary Together

[Your twitter must be set to public for
the duration of the contest]

  • SJ-World will tweet questions regarding SJ and the fandom.
  • You can answer by using both #SJ9thAnniversary and #Acrossthe7Seas hashtags.
  • You need to have text in between the hashtags. For example:
    • Question: When did you become an ELF?
    • Answer: I became an ELF after watching Sorry Sorry MV! #SJ9thAnniversary I met many ELF #Acrossthe7seas
  • There will be many questions throughout the day.
  • You can answer as many of them as you can~
  • Asides from answering questions, you may still tweet using the hashtags.
    • Be as creative and thoughtful as you can.
☆★ Prizes

1 Mamacita Version A, Version B or This is Love album + folded poster

  • The winner gets to choose the album. If the winner chooses This is Love album, the album cover might be random.

15 Genie coupon codes

  • You can use the genie coupon codes to stream 100 times in genie.
  • You can use it for any song(s) you want.
☆★ How to win the prizes

1) Answer as many questions as you can using both #SJ9thAnniversary and #Acrossthe7Seas hashtags from November 6 12am KST until 11:59pm KST

2) Tweet as many times as you can using both #SJ9thAnniversary and #Acrossthe7Seas hashtags from November 6 12am KST until 11:59pm KST

3) RT about this contest

4) From November 7 12am KST until 11:59pm KST, email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com with:

  • Subject of email: SJ 9th Anniversary
  • Body of email:
    • Direct links to ALL your tweets using #SJ9thAnniversary and #Acrossthe7Seas hashtags during SJ’s anniversary on November 6
    • The more tweets you have, the higher your chance of winning.