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☆★ Info

Super Junior’s 8th album <PLAY> will be released on November 6, 2017 – SJ’s 12th Anniversary

SJWORLD staff have begun taking preorders. Our goal is to have a high preorder count for the comeback album! We will place our collective preorders on November 1. You can send your payment on Friday, November 3 12pm KST and it will still count as a preorder. In case you can pay after November 3, your order will not count as a preorder BUT it will count in Hanteo and Gaon charts.

The 8th album has 2 versions:

Black Suit (Ver. 1) – USD14.50

One More Chance (Ver. 2) – USD14.50

If you order 1 version only, you will receive a random poster. If you order both versions, you will receive BOTH posters.


SJ-World orders albums from Leesmusic (except for UK orders)

  • Purchases from Leesmusic count towards both Hanteo and Gaon charts
  • Albums are shipped from Korea with tracking numbers
  • Leesmusic provides individual receipts per album bought
  • You can choose between 3 shipping methods: registered mail, FedEx IE or EMS
  • UK orders will be ordered from another store that would have more affordable shipping BUT would still count towards Hanteo and Gaon charts.
  • Assuming the album comes with a poster (it will be free), you have the option to have it folded or rolled.
    • The cost of shipping depends if you want no poster, folded poster or rolled poster.
    • If you opt for no poster, the cost of album would remain the same.
  • In case there will be individual covers, you have the option to pick your member cover and we will try our best to provide it for you.
☆★ Bulk orders with SJWORLD staff and representatives

Please find your city/state/country to fill out a preorder form.

  • Singapore (meetup and ship)play here
  • UK (meetup and ship)play here
  • Canada (meetup and ship)play here
    • Meetups in Vancouver, Abbotsford, and Winnipeg
  • US
    • Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Louisiana (meetups)play here
    • California (meetups in Lakewood, La Puente and Los Angeles | ship everywhere else in California)play here
    • Houston, Texas (meetups)play here
    • Indiana (meetups)play here
    • NJ/NYC (meetups and ship)play here
    • Philadelphia, PA (meetups)play here
    • Seattle/Kent, WA (meetups)play here
    • ALL OTHER CITIES AND STATES (ship) – play here
  • Mexico – will be updated soon
  • Philippines – will be updated soon
  • If you are doing a bulk order and you are ordering through SJWORLD, please give us a link to your orders and we will include them here.
☆★ Direct orders (if you can’t find a bulk order in your country)

If you cannot find anyone in your area/country who are taking bulk orders, SJWORLD can do a direct order for you. Your album order will be shipped directly from Leesmusic to you.

We will collect USD14.50 per album. Shipping will be collected later. To those whom we collected USD20 from, the excess excess would go towards your shipping cost.

☆★ Payment Methods
  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • USPS money order (for US only)
  • bank transfer (we will try to find a representative in your country to help accept your payment)
☆★ Preorder & Inquire

ONLY if your city/state/country is not listed under “Bulk Orders”

If you want to preorder but DO NOT have a bulk order in your country, please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com with:
Subject title – your city/country
Body of email:

  1. Quantity of PLAY
  2. Rolled or folded poster
  3. Black Suit (Version 1) or One More Chance (Version 2) (guaranteed if you will pay by November 1 11pm KST
  4. Paying BEFORE November 3 KST or AFTER
  5. Payment method
  6. Preferred shipping method (registered mail/EMS/FedEx IE or compare all costs)

Please keep in mind that only one staff handles all direct orders. There is no need to send multiple emails of the same order. You should receive a response within 48 hours the latest. Thank you!