Staff Application

The SJWORLD blog is always looking for dedicated fans to join the team. Our staff is made up of fans who have been with us for years, as well as new ones who decided to join us in this new journey. The purpose of having a large number of staff members is to always have at least one person online to take care of updating the blog at all times of the day and week. Our aim is to spread the Super Junior love and to keep all ELF up-to-date with the latest news, pictures and videos.

Unlike the forums, the SJWORLD blog was born to be a friendly and stress-free place for all Super Junior fans. There will be no username rules and no kind of rigid etiquette to stick to, and as a result of this we will not be looking for moderators. You will not be accountable to anyone, you will have complete freedom, but of course you will have to actively help the other staff members with keeping the blog updated.

All present and future staff members are encouraged to freely express themselves and ask questions if they have any, and to submit their ideas, suggestions, and opinions to improve SJWORLD. You will have to be able to work in team, to get along with the other staff members and to be willing to learn from them too. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, we will gladly help you out, so don’t let this discourage you from applying.

All that matters is that you to know where and how to look for Super Junior updates and that you help keep SJWORLD active to the point of annoyance.

The blog can be updated with official news and other translations (Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, etc), information provided by fans (brief or long), official and fan-taken pictures, official videos and fancams, and anything else Super Junior related that you deem fit to share.

Below you will find a list of all available positions and their respective requirements. Obviously every staff member is expected to communicate with us – if you have Kakao Talk, you will be added to our chat – and, especially, to look for material to post on the blog without waiting for us to egg them on. You also have to be dedicated, polite, reliable and responsible.


Available Positions

    As a News Digger, you are expected to look for news and information that are already in English – or in a language you are fluent in and can translate – and that can be shared without a doubt on other websites. This news and information can be of any length, but it must be comprehensible and, especially, it must come from a reliable source. You can find this kind of news and information on Twitter, Facebook, Official Super Junior Websites and more.
    As a Translator, you are expected to be fluent in both that language and in English, you can not use online translators. At present SJWORLD is looking for Korean and Chinese translators, but if you frequently visit websites that share updates in languages you understand (Thai, Japanese, etc) feel free to apply and we will talk about it. You can find this kind of news and information on Twitter, Facebook, Official Super Junior Websites and more.
    As a Photo and Video Uploader, you are expected to look for official and fan-taken pictures and official videos and fancams to re-upload and share on the blog. You can find this kind of media on Twitter, Facebook, Official Super Junior Websites and more.


Content-wise, we would like SJWORLD to be filled or actually spammed with all sorts of Super Junior related information. It doesn’t matter if you post a hundred posts in a day, you’re actually welcome to if you have the time. If you want to write quick, brief information that you know or find – for example, “Yesung attended Super Show 6, but left early” – you can, and you should! Everything you translate or find already translated about Super Junior (if you’re 100% sure that it can be shared) can go on the blog. This time, we want SJWORLD to be a place with a bigger sense of freedom, to be friendlier and fuller than it’s ever been. We’d like it to become a blog with all kinds of information that you – as an ELF – would like to find and know.

We hope many, many, many of you will decide to join us and become part of our wonderful team of incredibly biased fans to spread One Love for one of the noblest and most talented idol groups that ever existed in South Korea!! ♥



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