[TUTORIAL] How to download Soribada, create account, and stream online!

All information compiled and translated for SJWORLD.NET

How to download the app


  • You must first change your apple app store country, please follow this tutorial on how to do it: http://sjworld.net/appstore/
  • Then, go to app store and search “SORIBADA”.
  • Download the app once you have found it.


How to create an account

For android, the app may sometimes be in Korean or English mixed with Korean but you can still follow the images to get around the app.


Via PC

You cannot create an account via PC. If you try to make one via KKT,FB, Twitter, it will direct you to the old English site of Soribada which is no longer available and you will not be able to create an account.

Via Kakao Talk
      • On the app, click on Kakao Talk Login


        • A KKT pop up sign in page will come up.
        • If you have an account, enter e-mail and password and press “sign in“.
        • If you do not have an account, click on the gray circle where it says “create a new account“.


        • Your KKT image and nickname will appear, then enter your e-mail used for KKT.
        • Click all the circles to accept terms and conditions.
          • Note: The last circle is optional.
        • Lastly, click “Join as member”


Via E-mail
  • On the app, to sign up using e-mail click on “Join as member”
  • Enter your desired username/nickname, e-mail, and password.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click “Join as a Soribada member”





How to purchase pass

NOTE: SJWorld will not be helping in purchasing the first option “무제한 음악감상 자동결제/Unlimited music auto payments” and thus it will not be included in the choices when filling out our form.

  • These are Soribada’s prices in the US.
  •  If you’ll be purchasing on your own, this is the first option’s price: 무제한 음악감상 자동결제/Unlimited music auto payments = 8.99 + 8.9% (0.08¢) = [9.08USD]
    • 무제한 음악감상/Unlimited music listening for 30 DAYS – 9.99USD + 8.9% tax (.88¢) = [10.88USD]
    • 다운로드30+음악감상/Download 30+ music listening for 30 DAYS – 12.99USD + 8.9% tax (1.15USD) = [14.14USD]
    • 다운로드100+음악감상/Download 100+ music listening for 30 DAYS – 25.99USD + 8.9 tax (2.31USD) = [28.31USD]





Via Android
  • Soribada pass/credits can not be purchased on Android devices. SJWorld can make the purchase on your behalf.
Via iOS
  • To purchase a pass you can click on the ticket which says “이용권”.
  • Or, click on triple bar ≡ and then “Purchase music pass.”

howtosor1  .howtosor2

  • You will be shown the available passes, choose the one you are purchasing and click on it.


  • You will be asked to confirm your purchase. Enter your password and click “buy” or sometimes it can say “confirm.”
  • Then, you will be done, to check your pass balance and status go to “How to check pass balance and status” found in this tutorial.






How to check pass balance/status and more





Via PC
  • Scroll over your username.
  • You will see your pass information.
  • Where it says “◎사용중인이용권” (Your Pass) it will have the type of pass you bought below. For example, our staff bought a “다운로드30+음악감상1개월” (30 Downloads + music listening for 1month).
    • To see your downloads, “•다운로드 (Downloads):” tells you how many songs you have downloaded. In our case, it’s 17곡 (songs).
    • Second bullet is for soribada currency that you won’t need.
    • The third bullet is “•포인트: 100P” and this is your points. You can accumulate points by favoriting a song.
  • To visit your page just click on “마이페이지” (My Page). If you wish to log out, just click on “로그아읏” (Log Out).

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 1.43.30 AM copy

Via Mobile
  • To check the status of your pass on mobile just click on triple bar and where it normally says “Purchase music pass” it will now have your music pass information if you have purchased one.






How to stream

Stream every 10 minutes, Soribada’s real time chart gets updated every 10 minutes as opposed to MelOn’s real time chart that gets updated every hour.
Note: You need a soribada pass to stream. If you are listening to each song for one minute, you do not have a pass.
Note: Ensure you play title song every ten minutes.
Note: When streaming, do not hit pause, rewind or fast forward and let the playlist play from start to end with no interruptions.





Via PC
  • Enter “Super Junior” in the search bar.
  • All Super Junior tracks and albums will be displayed.
  • To add a song to your playlist you can select multiple songs and press 전체듣기(listen to all) that has triple bar with a play sign (▹≣) to add songs to playlist and start playing immediately or press 재생목록추가 (add to playlist) to simply add them to your playlist, just press on triple bar with a plus sign (≣⧾)


  • Another way to add a song, and this works better if you only want to add ONE song to your playlist, is by using the play and plus (►) (+) button located next to the title of the song.
  • Don’t forget to favorite the song by clicking on the star. ✪

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 1.40.52 AM

  • To check your playlist click on the triple bar with dots on it (⋮≡) which will have a number on it that corresponds to the songs you have added to your playlist.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 1.41.07 AM

  • To delete playlist, open the triple bar with dots (⋮≡).
  • Select the song/s you want to delete and press “삭제” (Delete). To select all click on the white box next to 삭제 and press 삭제.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 1.41.32 AM copy

Via Mobile


  • Search “Super Junior”.


  • After searching “Super Junior” their tracks will come up in the search, you can choose to look by album, artist, and more.
  • To select a song you may just click anywhere where the song is and click (≣⧾)(ADD) to add the song to your playlist or Play to make the songs start playing immediately.
  • You can also click on select all to add multiple songs on a playlist.


  • After you have selected a song and press “ADD”, you will be shown this box.
  • You can “Create New Playlist’ by writing in a name and pressing [Add]
  • Or, add to the current playlist.


  • At the bottom of the homepage you will be able to see your playlist by clicking on triple bar(⋮≡)

22171694_1757340304571621_1989172094_o (1)

  • To clear playlist, select triple bar with dots in the right bottom corner.
  • Select the song/s you want to delete and press the 🗑.





How to check Soribada Top Charts





Via PC
  • On the left of the page, below “soribada”, click on 인기차트 (Top Charts) with a bar graph next to it 📊.


  • Here’s a closer look at it. Click on 📊인기차트 (Top Charts).

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 1.56.07 AM

Via Mobile
  • Next to “My Music” click on the dropdown arrow ∨ and then click on “Charts”.


  • You will be able to see “Real time,” “Daily,” and “Weekly” charts.






Any questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail us at: soribadasjwteam@gmail.com

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