[PROJECT] SJ-WORLD ‘We Can Feel It!’ Global Fan Project

What is it?


SJ-World is looking forward to your participation in our ‘We Can Feel It!’ global fan project. Our mission is to make Can You Feel It viral and we want to show not only Eunhyuk and Donghae, but Super Junior as a whole the power, enormity, and unity, of ELF and K-Pop. Coincidentally it corresponds with our Anchovy’s birthday; Eunhyuk! We encourage K-Pop fans to join in as well and celebrate the awesome song that all SM artist enjoy!




☆★ April 3, 2015 KST – April 31st (Midnight) KST

We are aiming to have a couple of videos before Eunhyuk’s birthday and throughout the whole month.




☆★ Post your video on any social media (ex. instagram, YouTube, or Vine).

  • Length is not an issue, you can do a short video or a lengthy one.
  • We recommend that the video quality be no less than 480p.
  • You may be by yourself or with a group.

☆★ In your video please include the following:

  • Name (can be voiced or added to your video)
  • City, Country (can be voiced or added to your video)
  • A congratulatory message dedicated for the success of SuperJunior-D&E (optional)

☆★ Please add the following hash-tags:

  • #SuperJuniorDnE #CanYouFeelIt #GlobalFanProject

☆★ Tweet and mention:

  • Super Junior + SJ-World. (SJ-World will share the most creative and clever videos)



☆★ How to watermark?

If you have no idea how to add your name, state, country, and message, YT has a subtitle/caption tool. Or, you can upload your video stating the aforementioned requirements and SJ-World will do it for you.

☆★ Don’t have any of the aforementioned social media?

If you do not have any of the aforementioned media you can send us your videos which will be uploaded on SJ-World’s YouTube account with proper credits.

☆★ Do you feel uncomfortable showing your face?

If you don’t feel like showing your face you can always find a clever way to cover it up, or you can have a friend or family member on it instead.

Here is a sample video of how  your video should look like. Of course, we encourage you to be more creative.

Inquiries or Questions?

Any questions or inquiries can be sent to SJ-World‘s ask.fm.


Want to send us your video for help?

Fill out the form below:

  • State, City, Country
  • Please specify if you need help with subtitles/captions for your video or need help to get your video uploaded on SJ-World’s YouTube.

Comments, ideas, questions? Write here!