[PROJECT] Our Bridges Together – 9th Anniversary Project

Our Bridges Together

earthna@sjworld.net waving an SJ-World “SUJU WORLD DOMINATION towel on a suspension bridge at sea-to-sky gondola station in Squamish, BC Canada

 What is it?

SJ-World would like to do a video project as a tribute to Super Junior’s 9th Anniversary on November 6, 2014. We want to show the boys that many ELF #acrossthe7seas support them during their Mamacita comeback.

We will try to give the final product of our video project to the boys on the day of their anniversary.

As of October 31 – 5 pm KST, ELF from 46 countries guaranteed their participation on this project! The 47 countries so far are:

  1. US
  2. Indonesia
  3. Canada
  4. Argentina
  5. Libya
  6. New Zealand
  7. Turkey
  8. Australia
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Malaysia
  11. Spain
  12. Germany
  13. Brunei
  14. Mexico
  15. Israel
  16. Vietnam
  17. Philippines
  18. Singapore
  19. Finland
  20. Chile
  21. Bolivia
  22. India
  23. Panama
  24. Scotland
  25. England
  26. Puerto Rico
  27. Netherlands
  28. Guam
  29. Czech Republic
  30. Brazil
  31. Costa Rica
  32. Norway
  33. Japan
  34. Kuwait
  35. China
  36. Russia
  37. Guatemala
  38. France
  39. Jordan
  40. Austria
  41. Georgia
  42. Sudan
  43. Hungary
  44. Italy
  45. Ukraine
  46. Kazakhstan

We hope that more ELF, especially from countries not stated above, can participate~


Across the 7 Seas

SJ-World’s support slogan for the 7th album is “Across the 7 Seas”

Across the 7 Seas Logo – designed by @pastakyu

  • “7 seas” stands for all of the world’s body of water and it is a reference to the 7th album
  • The slogan means that ELF will follow Super Junior anywhere across the 7 seas
  • The Korean version of the slogan “7대양을 가로질러 그들이 온다” translates to “They (SJ) come across the 7 seas”
  • SJ-World began using the slogan when Leeteuk was released from the army on July 29, 2014
  • Coincidentally, the slogan relates to the lyrics of Islands.

The background song of the video project will be Islands. If the video will be longer than 4:27, we will add another song from the 7th album.


Guidelines of the Project

☆★ You may take a photo or video

  • If you are shy, you can cover part of your face with any of the props stated below!

☆★ You may be by yourself or with a group

  • Photo Requirements:
    • Your photo must be at least 1280 x 960 dpi if using a smart phone
    • Your photo must be at least 600 X 800 dpi if using a digital camera
    • Landscape would be ideal because it will fill up the screen more and it can show the background sceneries well.
  • Video Requirements:
    • The quality must be at least 480p
    • The length must be between 5 to 10 seconds long
    • With a group, the length can be 10-20 seconds long

☆★ You must have a Mamacita album (Version A or B) OR a screencap of Mamacita MV shown in your photo or video

  • You need to show at least 1 album in the photo or video
  • You need to show more albums if there will be a big group in the photo or video
  • We understand that not everyone owns a Mamacita album. For those who do not own an album, you may still participate!
    • You can take a screencap of your favorite part in Mamacita MV
    • The screencap must show the entire youtube box so it will show the current MV view count. For example:

      Full youtube box showing your favorite part and the MV view count

    • You can print the screencap and use it for your photo or video

☆★ You must write “Across the 7 Seas” OR print the logo on a piece of paper

  • If you are writing “Across the 7 Seas,” it has to be readable when you take the photo or video
  • If you are printing the logo on a piece of paper, it has to be seen well when you take the photo or video
  • You may hold the paper with the slogan or you may put it anywhere in the background
  • If you have an SJ-World towel and you prefer to hold the towel in your photo or video, you may choose to hold the towel instead of the logo. We understand it would be difficult to hold the towel, slogan and the album or screencap~

☆★ You must congratulate the boys in your native language by translating “Congratulations”  or “Happy Anniversary”

  • If you are taking a photo, you can write the translation on a piece of paper. It can be the same paper you will have the slogan or logo
  • If you are taking a video, you can say and/or write the translation.

☆★ You must take your photo or video outdoors to show off your country

  • You can be by a body of water: sea, ocean, lake, pond, waterfall, a water fountain, an empty swimming pool, etc.
  • You can be by a bridge
    • If you take a photo or a video on a bridge, especially at a suspension bridge as shown on the top of the page, you do not need to hold your Mamacita album since you might accidentally drop it.
    • You can hold an SJ-World towel and/or an “Across the 7 Seas” logo instead
  • You can be by a famous place in your country
  • If you can’t do any of the 3 above, you can take it anywhere outdoors.

☆★ You can translate “They come across the 7 Seas” in your native language. (optional)

  • If you are taking a photo, you can write your translation on a piece of paper. It can be the same paper you will have the slogan or logo
  • If you are taking a video, you can say and/or write the translation.

☆★ You can use your SJ-World towel, shirt or lightstick if you have them. (optional)

  • If you own an SJ-World towel, wave it proudly!
  • The towel says “SUJU WORLD DOMINATION”

    Leeteuk proudly waving the SJ-World towel at SMTown Anaheim – May 2012

☆★ You can invite SJ to visit your country. (optional)

  • You can say something like “Super Show [name of your country] Juseyo” or “[name of country] wants SS6”
  • USA ELF who have Super Show USA Juseyo banners can use their banners as props
    • If you are a US ELF and you need a banner, add a note when you email US. Our US staff still have plenty left so we can ship to you. You can cover a $2-3 shipping fee.

☆★ You can say anything else as a message. (optional)

  • If you write or say something extra in your native language, please provide an English translation of it.
  • We will include the English translation in the video but we cannot guarantee a Korean translation of your message.

 Deadline of the Project

SJ-World is definitely doing this project! You may start taking your photo or video as soon as you can.

The last day to submit your photo or video would be on November 2 at 3pm PST. (extended)

The sooner you submit your photo or video, the faster we can put together the video project~

 How to join the Project?

If you are definite you will be able to participate in our project, email OurBridgesTogether@gmail.com with:

  • Title: City | State | Country
  • Body:
    • Photo or Video (Which one will you do?)
    • Individual or Group (Will you be by yourself or with a group of friends?)
    • If group, how many ELF will participate?
    • Where do you plan to take your photo or video? (You can give us options if you are still deciding. You do not have to be sure of where you’ll take it yet.)
    • When can you submit the latest?

Please email us before you take your photo or video to confirm where exactly you’ll take your photo or video. We would like to have different locations for each submission.


 Submit your photo or video

Once you have taken your photo or video, email OurBridgesTogether@gmail.com with:

  • Title: City | State | Country
  • Body:
    • Attachment of your photo or video
    • Info of each participant in the photo or video
      • SJ-World blog usernames and/or real names
      • Ages (optional)
    • The specific location of your photo or video
    • Translation of “Congratulations” or “Happy Anniversary” in your native language
    • English translation of the extra message you will say (only if it applies to you)

Our staff will respond to your email to let you know your submission has been received.

If you have any questions, you may also email OurBridgesTogether@gmail.com

Please share with other ELF 

Thank you~

Comments, ideas, questions? Write here!