[PRE-ORDER] SJWorld’s 3rd Generation Towel


SJWorld is doing pre-orders for our 3rd Generation Towel! (The 2nd Generation had “We Are One” on the side but is no longer in production.) Fill out the form to secure your order!


  • Main slogan translation:
    • 슈주 세계 제패 = “SUJU World Domination”
  • Side translation:
    • END가 아닌 AND잖아 = “It’s not an End, but an And…”


This towel has been SJWorld’s slogan since 2009. The boys have held the towel multiple times at SMTown and Super Show concerts! Yesung held it at a Super Show. Shindong picked it up at SS3 SG and Heechul tried to kiss him over the towel. Ryeowook held it and swung it around during SMT Anaheim. Leeteuk asked for it during both SMT NYC and SMT Anaheim! Kyuhyun and Henry also picked up and held the towel. Our Leader, Leeteuk ❤ has held and displayed the towel the most. Recently on August 8th, KCON LA’s concert, Leeteuk and Heechul held the towel and instagramed about it =D


Check out the form (link below) for pictures.


Please note that you should check out the shipping cost before placing your order! We have the shipping cost for each country from our Asia and U.S. representatives!


There are important notes on both the shipping post and the order form so please make sure to read EVERYTHING!



Shipping Cost Post

Order Form


NOTICE: We cannot guarantee that your mention to us regarding towels will be answered so please input any questions, comments, or concerns on the form.

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