[PIC/Trans] 141208 Heechul Instagram Update – Heechul’s mother makes a funny questionable point

Credit: kimheenim
Translated by: heechulfacts
Shared by wonderland @ SJWORLD.NET

@kimheenim: A questionable point from Kim Heechul-ssi’s mother. I told my mom “Mom. I’m going to have a girlfriend. I’m so lonely it’s driving me crazy” so mom said “this guy. Even so be careful and think of your fans. These are fans who just likes you.” Another day I told her again “Mom. I think I’m just going to live my life playing alone like thisㅋㅋ” so my mother said “this guy. You should get married. Your mom wants to see a grandchild soon”
?????????????????? Mom tells me I can’t date but to marry instead. ps. If I find a girlfriend I will tell everything to my mom. But for 32 years I have never looked at my girlfriend once.. One of the words my mother keeps telling me is “you guys broke up again? Just don’t date anymore. Don’t hurt the daughter who is precious in their home”

Heechul’s conversation with his mother (from the picture)

Heemom: stop being so awkward (embarassing) I said I want to see a granchild
Heenim: I also want that too
Heemom: I’ll wait for you on Superman Returns

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