[NEWS/INFO] Yesung helps co-write/compose songs for his album!

written by winecoupe0137 @sjworld

“Here I Am” the album’s title song


With the release of Yesung’s Highlight Medley for his 1st solo album we came about the fact that he helped co-write and compose the lyrics for 3 songs on his album. While we already knew about his contribution with “Here I Am” and “Confession” we can now add “My Dear” to the list of songs he helped write the lyrics or composed for.

“My Dear” is a mellow and slow song and is the third song he co-composed/co-wrote for his album


“My Dear” sounds like a promising song, it is a mellow and slow song and I can’t wait to hear the whole thing! I’d also like to be able to understand it and am really hating not haven’t mastered Korean by now…


“Confession” is one if the more fast paced songs in the album


“Confession” is one of the more fast paced songs form the album and is a song featuring ChanYeol from EXO. I get the feeling it will be a cheesy lovey-dovey song… I mean where did I even get the idea from! (Perhaps it was the title of the song?). Sarcasm aside, I am really looking forward to this song as well.

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