[MAGAZINE] Kangin Ceci Interview (part 1)

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Ceci:  In the new year, you will be busy with <Super Show 6> concerts and will be welcoming Kangin of the “thirties”. (the interview was on 23rd December) When looking back at the past year, did you keep your laid plans well?

Kangin: I wanted to do acting. With some good luck, I managed to finish filming a movie. <Cat Funeral> is about ex-lovers, who met at the funeral of the cat they had raised together, had a reunion and matured from their clumsy romance, it is that kind of movie. It was fun when I was reading the script for the first time, so I asked carefully, ‘I want to do it, it will be difficult, right?’. I am very thankful for having been given the opportunity.


Ceci:  How was the filming?

Kangin: We filmed from November 2013 to February, and 4 months after that, we had some supplementary filming. We have been filming for a quite long time, so I got close to the female lead Park Seyoung, including other actors and staffs. If it was snowing a lot on the (filming) day, we would be stopping the filming and share some deep conversations while drinking soju. When we were filming at Deokjeok Island, there was a snow storm and we couldn’t go back to Seoul, so we were stuck on the island. Therefore everyone drank soju again together during those days. (laugh) Although I don’t know what will the public’s opinions once the movie comes out, from just the fun and hard work while filming it, it’s a lot of achievement.


Ceci: In the movie, Donghoon shows his clumsy character. I thought that is the complete opposite of the real Kangin(‘s way of being)

Kangin: Although it’s a lively character, that behaves badly and can’t stay still for a moment, it’s relative. I hide my face a lot in front of the opposite sex that I like. Female lead, Jaehee said ‘Would you like to live together?’, if the suggestion comes like that from the female first with no hesitation. I think I have to be more careful. Naturally, an easy-going person is more easily to get hurt that way. Donghoon’s character is narrow-minded and you can see his man inferiority complex, but I think he has got the best consideration for Jaehee. That’s a bit clumsy.


Ceci: It is clumsy, but on the other hand, he’s a warmhearted man. What if we compare to Kangin’s real relationship style?

Kangin: When I eat chicken beside her, I am that kind of man who will spread the meat. For example when eating 설렁탕 (ox bone soup) I take a bite of 깍두기(cubed radish kimchi) and give extra rice. But I want to share anything and everything. (laugh)


Ceci: They say that when acting, actors get satisfaction from the relationship. How was the romance with Park Seyoung?

Kangin: I don’t dare think of the ‘actor’ title. Park Geunhyung said it like that, there are ‘poop actors’. I want to be a poop actor, but I can’t be one as well, I can’t hope to get vicarious satisfaction. So, I’m worried about doing the best I can, combining my relationship experience with this romance. I did love too, and I have experienced the breaking up.


Ceci: For the movie audience, who do you think it would be good to see it?

Kangin:  If the people watching the movie have been in love and parting, they’ll feel sympathy for it. To be honest, a story about a ‘farewell’ won’t make a heart warm. Just, it would be good if the movie makes the couples watching it to hold hands.


Ceci: The movie title itself is filled with emotion, do you have a way to deal with farewells? It doesn’t have to be about relationship, because everyday we are living with farewells and partings.

Kangin: It’s just like ‘Around 30’ lyrics. I like that song, so I sang it for my solo stage at concert. Like the song (says), I also think farewells have reasons. If you can sense the reality, time is the medicine. Someone told me that truth. Now it feels like the day when the world ends, (but) even if it’s hard, if time passes, you can come back to the same place confidently.

Translation by Mel  (& a bit me as well.)


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