Kyuhyun takes 4th in his release week. Magic, Devil and TBGO all make the top 100.

Hanteo Top 100 for the 3rd week of October

Super Junior

A month after release and Magic still stands strong at no. 8 best seller for this week. Total sales for Magic so far amount to 37 935, which puts it at the 30th spot for the year.

Devil held the 2nd highest spot for SJ this week in the no. 55. Devil has sold 148 646 albums and still stands as the 5th best seller of the year. Adding Magic’s sales Suju is retains the 3rd best selling album position on Hanteo for the year.

Super Junior D&E

TBGO Special Edition managed to stay in the Hanteo top 100 at no. 98!  D&E are still the 6th best seller on Hanteo for the year! D&E also hold spots no. 15 and no. 54 in the yearly chart with both editions.


Kyu released his 2nd album this past week, and managed to sell a solid 9825 albums, putting him at no. 4 for this week.

Disclaimer: SJ-W admins keep their track of SJ sales to the best of our abilities. Numbers for the albums may not be exact, but should be fairly close to the actual sales.

Hanteo sales and screencaps credits go to weibo users 没MJ可以用了 and 关爱逗比成长协会会计部

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