[INTERVIEW] The Tuxedo Guys – Choi Siwon (L’Officiel Hommes)

The Tuxedo Guys – Choi Siwon

There is a delicate correlation between Choi Siwon and something cool. 

(omitted parts about the details of his outfits)
(omitted parts about the details of his outfits)
(omitted parts about the details of his outfits)
What is the thing called ‘donation’ to you? Something to share. Even if it’s not exactly in financial area, it’s being a friend for a person who needs a friend. If you have your own philosophy of donation?  Even though I haven’t done many donation, I make it a rule that (the donation) will be completely in private. The moment the donation is disclosed to public, everything will be spoiled. It’s hard to expect honesty and purity. Like a fruit that reveals one’s bare skin, that meaning will fade as it’s exposed to the world. There is a saying that you’re cool like your name, but it’s not. You are very warm. Please also talk about your puppy Bugsy that you raise at home. He’s the outlaw of our house. His energy is scarily overflowing. Also, he’s honest. He will express his emotion openly. He hates it the most when I travel, one time he clung on to my leg and I heard he shed tears of anger while growling. I didn’t believe that puppy cries, but I’ve found that it’s true. What is your goal in the future? I experience a lot of things while working together with Jackie Chan. I want to be an actor that represents one country like him. Of course for that, there are too many things to do. When I think about something like that, I recall the line that I had in a drama not long ago. “The thing that we have to blame at the end is not our position, but our will.”
(omitted details about his outfits)
Editor Cho Seohyun Photographed Choi Yong Bin
Source: L’Officiel Hommes (December 2014 Issue)
Translated by pinkninja @ sjworld.net
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