[INTERVIEW] Cool Music Cool Magazine Dec Issue – Interview with Kyuhyun

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Cool Music Cool 当代乐坛 Magazine Dec Issue – Interview with Kyuhyun Part 1

Part 1: You are now listening to Kyuhyun

Q: What are Kyuhyun’s feelings on releasing a solo album for the first time? Has the results exceeded your expectations?
Kyu: Frankly speaking, initially I didn’t record this album with high hopes, so the results it got after release are really shocking for me, everyday I felt shocked. Already started the third week of promotions, response from the Korean public is good, overseas fans also like this album and gave much concern, really feel very happy.

Q: At Gwanghwamun is really very nice. When did you start to have thoughts about doing this album?
Kyu: I have liked ballads since a long time ago, because of this, I always wanted to sing ballads. After watching Korean sunbaes’ solo concert, I too started having thoughts of releasing solo albums. I also feel that if I can have a solo concert, I will be very happy. Actually I didn’t have such thoughts starting from a particular time, it was just at that moment when members have all found their directions for personal activities, for example DJ, acting, so I thought about if I myself could do activities as a solo singer?

Q: The songs in At Gwanghwamun (album) seem to sound sad, were the sad songs specially chosen to match the Autumn atmosphere?
Kyu: Because sad emotions can be expressed through ballads well and I especially like the autumn season. Because don’t people like to listen to those sad songs in autumn? Originally this album was planned for a later release around winter. But because of these reasons, the release was hurriedly brought forward to now (Nov). It is early winter now, so can consider it to have rubbed shoulders with autumn.

Q: The 7 songs in the album are all very nice, why was At Gwanghwamun chosen as the title song in the end?
Kyu: Actually 2 years ago, recording for the song At Gwanghwamun was already completed. After that I myself also asked others for songs, collected songs, the company also requested for songs, only then did these songs get collected gradually. Actually when I recorded the song at the time, I didn’t expect the preparation for this album to be such a long process, but personally, at that time I already thought about using At Gwanghwamun as the title track.

Q: What is Kyuhyun’s favourite song in the album? What is the reason?
Kyu: Actually I like the second song, Eternal Sunshine most. If I have to say the reason, as compared to this song, my impression towards the movie “Eternal Sunshine” is very deep. So when I saw this song and saw that the title of this song is also Eternal Sunshine, and that the meaning expressed by the song lyrics is very similar to the movie, I got interested in the song. At the first recording, because my condition wasn’t good, the recording ended in failure midway, then I wasted no time and started from the beginning again. Maybe it is because of such fate that when I sing this song, I am full of emotions.

Part 2: Starting with a beginner’s mind

Q: Are you satisfied with your styling for your solo album? Heard that they were pretty shots that were shot unintentionally! What interesting events were there during the shooting?
Kyu: This set of photos looks casual, but actually it really wasn’t shot unintentionally. To potray the feeling that we wanted, during shooting, we specially gathered leaves and sprinkled them, it really took too much effort. Then I had to lie on the ground~ Because I was too tired, I fell asleep. When I woke up, 10 minutes had past. Then I quickly apologized to the director. But the director said shooting should be done with such natural positions, only then will the photos turn out nice. Falling asleep during shooting… it really left a deep impression…

Q: Heard that for solo activities, Kyuhyun enthusiatically carried out body management. Do you have any unique ways of management?
Kyu: Eating some healthy food, exercising… but I am not such a person! I am a person who likes to drink with friends usually~ But for the album, I really quitted drinking! Woke up every morning to jog before making and drinking a warm drink with honey and cinnamon ~

Q: During the production of the album, did SJ members give good suggestions?
Kyu: Actually it is a pity. Because I kept it a secret during the album’s production. In this process of preparing for this album, members didn’t know. But after telling them, members gave me a lot of support and even said “As long as you find your direction in music, you can definitely succeed!”

Q: In the album, the song “My thoughts, Your memories” was written as a collaboration with TVXQ’s Changmin. How do you feel about working with your good friend?
Kyu: Really very happy to compose a song with my friend! Especially when that friend is Changmin whom I love most, that makes me even happier! When we composed it together, there wasn’t any conflicts. We made it clear what we each wanted and requested for and organized them. We are both satisfied with the results this time.

Q: If the full marks is 10, Kyuhyun please give give a mark for the album! And briefly explain the reason.
Kyu: If the full marks is 10, I am already very satisfied if I can get 7 marks…. Although this is what I personally think, if I am given higher marks, I am also very happy hahaha! Afterall for this album, personally, it is hard for me to choose among the 7 songs! Because the music genre I like is ballad~ so to me, I can’t give up on any of these songs! I am really already very satisfied. What I feel is a pity is that although I don’t know if the fans will like it, I still hope there will be a follow-up song… Also, because of the style of the songs, some songs sound similar when listened to consecutively, so I was thinking if it will be better if the styles of the songs can be more varied? Due to these reasons, I give it 7 marks!

Q: If you release another solo album, are there any singers or producers you want to collaborate with?
Kyu: Yes! There is a very noble sunbae in Korea — Lee Sun Hee sunbae. It will be really great if I can sing a song with sunbae! I really feel that Lee Sun Hee sunbae is the best singer in Korea. In Korea, is there anyone who doesn’t know Lee Sun Hee sunbae? And Kim Dong Ryul sunbae, Toy sunbae and Yoon Jong Shin sunbae, I want to collaborate with them too. I grew up listening to the songs of these 3 sunbaes! Can say that it was their songs that inspired me and let me have thoughts of becoming a singer! Of course they are also very noble singers to me. I have worked with Yoon Jong Shin sunbae once. Originally, I wanted to record Yoon Jong Shin sunbae’s song in this album but it didn’t work out in the end. Hope I can recieve Yoon Jong Shin sunbae’s work in the second album.

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