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       Title: Korean Drives Mexican Fans Crazy

If the city had already been jolted by the arrival of Pope Francis, it was more so after the arrival of Henry Lau, Korean Pop Singer.

Known as one of many K-Pop idols, the young man arrived on Thursday to do a recording for a reality tv show popular in China and South Korea named Sisters Over Flowers that showcases the adventures of asian celebrities in foreign countries.

According to Alma Chavez —a fan of the artist who is a member of the boyband Super Junior-M— more than 500 persons gathered at Terminal 2 of Mexico City’s international airport to welcome the star.

“He arrived at 3:20pm from a flight that took off from Shanghai and made a stop in Tijuana. We found out there were fans at both terminals and because of the big crowd he was unable to come out and greet us,” she explained.

Upon landing, the 26 year old musician born Canadian set about his journey to the historical center of the city where he would be staying at.

“He arrived by bus along with his staff. They went up to the hotel and made a lot of recordings inside.

“We waited until he went out to eat so we could take pictures, but he never went out.” Marion Silva said, he is the director of K-Pop Zone Mexico, a site that specializes in said music genre.

It wasn’t until yesterday when the artist interpreting ’Trap’ came out and went to various places and pleased his fans with pictures and told a few words of affection.

“I arrived at 10 am but it wasn’t until 12 when he came out to take pictures with us and even went out of his way to play along with us if we brought up a conversation. He’s super accesible.

“He went to the San Juan market and to the museum of chocolate located there and is now (yesterday) eating at Cafe Tacuba,” 16 year old Diana Chavez said.

According to the fans, Henry Lau would leave early today, making a stop in Cancun and continuing on his journey to Peru and Argentina.


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