[HANTEO] Super Junior and Subunits all chart in the Hanteo weekly top 100 albums

Another week, another update here at SJ World! Sorry we missed last week, but this staff member was really busy…


This was a great week in the charts for SJ!

Super Junior as a whole made a comeback on the Hanteo charts, with Mamacita ver A taking the top spot for an SJ group at no. 44. This is the first time in a while we see 7jib. Did ELF get excited at the rumors for the special 10th anniversary album? We don’t know, but it’s great to see 7jib  can still chart almost a year after being released!

D&E is next on the charts. Their sales went up this week and they took over spots no. 49 and no. 75 in the weekly chart with The Beat Goes On (TBGO, special and standard edition, respectively). This puts TBGO Standard Ed. at 74 580 units sold and 10th overall for the year, and the Special Edition at  18 853 units sold and 24th overall, quite an achievement for the subunit since a lot of the album big sellers have made their comebacks already!


M&D, Heechul’s project with The TRAX’s Jungmo, keeps charting. This week it took spot no. 63. This puts Cottage Industry, the unit’s first mini album, at 21 950 units sold, and 23rd overall.

Finally, we saw  Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghwamun taking spot no. 61 this week, up from previous week, proving that AG’s popularity in Korea was not a passing trend.



Disclaimer: SJ-W admins keep their track of SJ sales to the best of our abilities. Numbers for the albums may not be exact, but should be fairly close to the actual sales.

Hanteo sales and screencaps credits go to weibo users 没MJ可以用了 and 关爱逗比成长协会会计部

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