[HANTEO] A Magical Little Prince of Autumn takes over Hanteo!

Hanteo Top 100 for January 2016


A new year has started and with Label SJ, this is going to be an exciting one to track!


So how did Super Junior start off this year?


As usual, topping charts :D



The Little Prince captivated us from day 1 and has the numbers to show for it, at no. 3 for the month of January with over 33 800 copies sold!

Even though it’s early, we can celebrate at Ryeowook’s great standing in the physical charts! As of now it stands as the 2nd best selling album this year :D


Older albums


  • Kyuhyun’s Fall Once again at 48
  • Magic at 85

Note: exact numbers of older albums will not be kept as SJ doesn’t have any releases eligible for 2016 awards among them. 


Disclaimer: SJ-W admins keep their track of SJ sales to the best of our abilities. Numbers for the albums may not be exact, but should be fairly close to the actual sales.

Hanteo sales and screencaps credits go to weibo users 没MJ可以用了 and 关爱逗比成长协会会计部

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