[EVENT] Notes around the world!

Is there something you want to tell SJ-W staff?

Is there a message you want to send to a friend?

Maybe a special note to a special someone?

Leave it in the comments below and it will be featured in our anniversary event!

Feel free to leave it anonymously. After all, the charm of the rolling paper…erm, notes…is it’s anonymity.

4 thoughts on “[EVENT] Notes around the world!

  1. fida

    Hello =D I’m Fida, an ELF from Malaysia. I’m writing here to thank a good friend of mine who introduced me to Super Junior. She showed me Happiness MV and after that I’m fully obsessed with Super Junior. Eyna, thank you so much! I remembered those days where we used to share our collection of Full House, EHB and various SJ shows videos and never stopped talking about how awesome and funny they are everyday at school. I miss those days so much T_T. We also share the same bias didn’t we! It’s Kibumiee ^^ Now we have all grown up, attached to adult responsibilities *eww and rarely see each other but I am happy that we still remains the same! Talking about SJ every time we met. Kekeke. I love youu chingu. Let’s stay friends for a very long time shall we. So we can introduce our kids to the awesomeness of SJ ahjussi.. or is it harabeoji? haha =D <3


    I just want to thank a couple of staff members. I’d like to be kept anonymous.

    Starting with Pri unnie for doing a great job, I really admire her and wish to be like her. I love her, and she’s mine! ❤️
    Gaia for being the founder of all of this for so long! Don’t you all wish she was your? ❤️
    Also would like to thank Tati for keeping up with charts and always telling us how awesome SJ is by showing us how popular they still are with album sales stats! I love her more than I do Pri, and she’s also mine! ❤️
    Happy for being an awesome person like Pri and purchasing melon credit for us. She’s mine too! ❤️
    Lucy for helping out and always giving great ideas, she’s my everything, she’s also mine!
    Lene, Zati, Kara, and Irha for their input on everything and knowledge. MINE, they’re all mine! ❤️

  3. oreoteuk

    Hello ^^
    i’m a new ELF. i got into this fandom only about 5 months but i feel really grateful for join this fandom. i never join any fandom before this and yes, i’m also new to this kpop world. truthfully, because i’m a new ELF, i hadn’t any single merchandise from SJ. yes, i regret it but i really doesnt know how to buy it. i had no mutual ELF around me, so it is quite hard. anyway i will wait 2017 for super show 7 (i hope they come to my country). i already had a dream about attend my very first concert. LOL haha.
    anyway, thanks for all your effort to keep supporting the oppas. being a fan makes me learn a lot of things. you guys really did awesome job. keep it up guys. so proud being in this fandom =D

    sincerely from ELF Malaysia^^ (i’m sorry for my poor grammar)

  4. SuperKpop

    I wanna say to all SJ-World staff thank you for everything!!! You always kept me update and what I could do to support Super Junior. Keep being awesome!!

    Thanks to my sis who showed me Super Junior I still remember the first MV you showed to me and that was No Other. Thank you ~~ ^^

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