SJWORLD Project:

SJ 2017 Comeback!

☆★ Info

SJWORLD is accepting donations towards Super Junior’s 2017 Comeback, which will most likely be sometime between end of October – early November.

  • Donations would be used to increase physical sales, digital album sales and digital streaming.
Physical albums
  • Donations towards physical albums will be used as prizes for ELF only
  • SJWORLD holds events for ELF such as watching the MV to increase the views, discussions of the MV or performances, and streaming events via melOn and genie. Winners from these events can win a physical album, which will be shipped directly from Leesmusic (in Korea) to the winner.
  • SJWORLD purchases albums from Leesmusic
    • SJWORLD has been ordering albums from Leesmusic since 2010, for Bonamana
    • Leesmusic sends individual receipts per album
    • Purchase from Leesmusic count towards both Hanteo and Gaon charts
  • Comeback albums usually cost between USD12-USD15, exclusive of shipping.
    • Shipping cost for 1 album only via registered mail would be an additional USD8-USD10, depending on the weight of the album
  • SJWORLD will have a preorder for the album beginning in September so we can boost the preorder sales as well. Please stay tuned for when we are ready to release more info regarding that.
Digital albums and streaming

  • SJWORLD will help ELF purchase melOn passes/credits
    • SJWORLD has been helping ELF purchase melOn credits since Mamacita in 2014
  • The current costs of melOn passes/credits:
    • USD15.39 + tax to download 30 songs and stream for 30 days (SJWORLD usually buys this pass as prize for ELF)
    • USD17.59 + tax to download 50 songs and stream for 30 days
    • USD29.69 + tax to download 100 songs and stream for 30 days
  • SJWORLD also collects genie codes from ELF who cannot use them and distribute to ELF who can use them.
  • Some ELF have time to stream but do not have the funds to stream while other ELF have the funds to stream but do not have the time to stream. This project would allow ELF who have the funds and genie codes to help ELF who will have the time to stream.
Donation Status
  • SJWORLD will have weekly updates to show the donation status from ELF
  • Donators can opt for SJWORLD to use their names or usernames and show the amounts of their donations ONLY if they agree. They can remain anonymous if they prefer to.
  • SJWORLD will state the country of donators to show that we have ELF from all over the world supporting Super Junior’s comeback.
☆★ SJWORLD Gifts

ELF who donate USD$5 or more will get the following as gifts:

  • D&E ticket souvenirs (leftover from SJWORLD’s fan activity at KCon LA 2017, only 50 copies left) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  • D&E back to back phtocoards 
  • D&E nametag (leftover from SJWORLD’s fan activity at KCon LA 2017, only 100 copies left
  • SJWORLD sticker 
☆★ Donation methods

Paypal and Venmo
Western Union
USPS money order (for US only)
bank transfer (we will find a representative in your country to help accept your payment)

☆★ How to donate

If you want to donate, please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com with:
Subject title – Donate for SJ 2017 Comeback
Body of email:

  1. Amount of donation
  2. For Physical or Digital or Both
  3. City, State, Country
  4. Donation method: (Paypal, Venmo, Western Union, USPS money order, bank transfer)
  5. Donation Status: (Include name/username or stay anonymous)
  6. Full name and address for the gift (if donation is USD$5 or more)
  7. Notes/comments/suggestions (if any)

Comments, ideas, questions? Write here!