[Compilation/trans] 150809 Super Junior SNS Posts part 1

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@special1004: ..all the overseas fans who came from overseas!!!i heard that some of you didn’t manage to get a dorm properly and only thoughtlessly came to watch out stage so you’re only sleeping at saunas, my heart hurts..ㅠㅠ..its the first time the taxi followed me all the way to the sauna, I said stop coming but..watching your sweating figures on such a hot day.. (teukables)


@special1004: ..I felt thankful and sorry..the roads at night are really scary these days so go around early and you’ll always have to be careful!! Also, I heard that taxis are weirdly accepting a lot more fees but I’d rather you go and get a dorm with that money! Eating well and sleeping well is important..ah suddenly, I’m choked up..ㅠㅠ (teukables)


deleted tweet

@special1004: I keep feeling uneasy but perhaps, are you guys waiting overnight in front of my house? I will go down and take a look in 30 minutes (teukables)


@zhouzhoumi: (in chinese)today in waiting room hahahaha(in korean)waiting room ㅋ#jomi #miminobita






@special1004: ..multiplication table genius..



Part 2   siwon weibo special

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