As you all know, Super Junior is going to be at KCON NY this year! They will be performing on Saturday, June 23.

SJWorld has prepared merchandise to show support for the boys. Our goal: to spread the sapphire blue ocean as wide as possible and to catch Super Junior’s (and the cameras’) attention! SO LET’S BLUE OUT!

Our preorder will consist of 2 types of merchandise:
– Definite Merchandise
– Tentative Merchandise

Definite Merchandise: These orders will be sold regardless of the pre-order count we receive.

Tentative merchandise: These orders will ONLY be sold if the merchandise pre-order reaches quota. If not all items reach quota, only items that reach their quota will be available.

Please order anything you like but we will be taking payments for Definite Merch and Tentative Merch separately. This is in case the tentative merch doesn’t reach the minimum number of orders, so the refund process is easier and more organized.

Payment Options

– Venmo
– Zelle
– PayPal

If you do not have Venmo, we ask that you please sign up for it. It is essentially like Paypal (and is now owned by Paypal). It was created as a form of money transfer for students (student-student or parent-student) with no fees.
Link: https://venmo.com/
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.venmo&hl=en_US
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/venmo-send-receive-money/id351727428?mt=8


If you do not have Zelle, we also ask that you register for it as well. If you have Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc., it is just like their internal e-transfer. Zelle is an e-transfer platform for all banks across America. Even if your bank isn’t listed/affiliated, you will just have to enter in your routing number (can be found online – all banks have one routing number for each state) and your personal account number (of course this will not be shared).
Link: https://www.zellepay.com/get-started
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zellepay.zelle&hl=en_US
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zelle/id1260755201?mt=8

May 20th, 2018
Definite Merchandise
Cost of Definite Merchandise
We offer the following discounts:
5% discount and 1 FREE Poncho on orders totaling $20+
10% discount and 1 FREE Poncho on orders totaling $50+
15% discount and 1 FREE Poncho on orders totaling $100+➮ SJWorld towel – $20
➮ Drawstring bag – $5
➮ SJWorld T-shirt – $15 (Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL | We will try to order more S but it is not guaranteed yet)
➮ Lanyard – $5
➮ SJ tattoo – $0.50
➮ ELF tattoo – $0.50
➮ LED Flower Crown – $5
➮ LED sound activated wristband – $5 (white band with blue light)
➮ Long lightstick 10″ – $7
➮ Poncho – $1 (This is for a fun project, which matches the OMC side of the support banner. More details TBA.)
➮ Wristlet – $5
➮ SJWorld keychain – $2
Tentative Merchandise
Cost of Tentative Merchandise
We offer the following discounts:
5% discount and 1 FREE Poncho on orders totaling $20+
10% discount and 1 FREE Poncho on orders totaling $50+
15% discount and 1 FREE Poncho on orders totaling $100+➮ Saturn lightstick – $15 (Super Junior or Member Specific)
➮ Candy lightstick – $15 (Super Junior or Member Specific)
➮ I 💙 SJ T-Shirt – $15
➮ Pin Button – $1.50
➮ “We are E.L.F.!” Handfan – $1.50
➮ Devil headband – $2
All orders will have freebies!
How to Order

If you’re attending KCON18NY, please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/SJWKCONMERCH

Please note that people NOT attending KCON can still order! However our staff may not be able to ship your order until July, after KCON has passed. If you’re interested please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/SJW2018MERCH

[PROJECT] SJWorld ELF Support for SUJU at KCON NY 2018

Hello! We are planning on showing our everlasting support for Super Junior at KCON NY 2018 and we need ELF to help!
We are aiming to distribute at least 1000 banners at the concert which is estimated to be at least $350. Any extra funds will be used towards additional support for the boys.

We are also going to be taking a group picture with the banners (date/location TBD).

Any amount is appreciated! Even if you can’t donate, please spread the word to other ELF. Let’s continue to cheer for them as loud as we can and to let the boys know that we are still here for them.

Past designs
SMTown Anaheim 2012 (single sided banner for SJ)

KCON15LA (double sided banner for SJ)

★ [SJ-World Merchandise] "슈퍼 쇼 USA 주세요" Banner – Free! • Front translation: In biggest font: "Please give us a Super Show USA" Top: SUJU WORLD DOMINATION @ sjworld Bottom: American/U.S ELF ❤ SJ • Back translation: "SJ&ELF… It ain't over until its over" (phrase derived from their #DEVIL trailer). The Super Show USA Juseyo banner has been shown to them since SM Town Anaheim and we will continue to use it as a message to SM that we want a Super Show in the U.S. There are so many ELF with a successful turnout in SMTown LA, SMTown NYC, and also SMTown Anaheim, and we have yet to have a Super Show. If we can allow ourselves to be a little bit more persistent and show SM that we are willing to do what it takes to have a Super Show, even if it means waiting, then shall be it. But if we don't show it some how some way, then they'll never know. Regardless if we have been trying for years, it doesn't hurt to continue trying. So, let's please all get together, grab a banner, and continue to show SM and SJ that we are still waiting because we will wait until forever, #itaintoveruntilitsover. To order, click on the link inside of the main link in bio or type in: http://bit.ly/1GYSvfC #sjworld #sjworldusa

A post shared by SJWorld USA 🌎 슈주 세계 제패 (@sjworldusa) on


KCON17LA (double sided banner for SJ-D&E)
Group picture at our KCON17LA Fanmeeting


KCON18NY Design for SJ


How to donate
Please send donations via PayPal or Venmo to sjworldusa@gmail.com with the following note:
YOUR NAME for KCON18NY BannerPeople who would like to send anonymous donations, please add the note “ANON for KCON18NY Banner”.If paying with PayPal, please use the friends and family options if available.

If you don’t have PayPal or Venmo and would like to donate, please email sjworldusa@gmail.com directly.

After sending your donation, please feel free to fill out the below form.

Thank you!


#Replay Special Edition Features New Song: 만우절

More information has been released regarding the differences between the special and standard edition of Super Junior’s 8th album repackaged release: Replay.

Aside from the title track “Lo Siento” in collaboration with Latin Pop artist Leslie Grace and the production duo Play-N-Skillz, and already announced tracks “Me & U”, “Super Duper”, and “Hug”, fans who manage to acquire a copy of the limited-production special edition will enjoy a special song, 만우절.

“만우절 is a song written to convey the spirit and energy of Super Junior on stage. We hope that as fans listen to the song, the feelings of the group will be delivered to their hearts and we can all enjoy it and have fun together”

Along with this announcement, a special sneak preview of the song was released. Listen to it here and let us know what you think!

[GIVEAWAY] #SJWorldLuckyOnes

Hello ELF!

Thanks to a generous donation by Iranian ELF, we are able to hold another Play giveaway! Thank you Iranian ELF!

Contest: The Lucky Ones

Are you one of those who can’t put your pencil down when a good idea threatens to Runaway? Does your art make this A Good Day for A Good Day? Do you wish your creations were seen by more people? Well, send us your fanfiction or fanart and we’ll give them One More Chance!


  • There will be winners for this contest
  • Entries should be received by February 10th, 2018
  • Winners will be asked to cover only the shipping fee, all album costs are provided
  • This contest will include fanfictions and fanarts


  • Send us your best Suju fanart/fanfiction using any of the Play album themes as inspiration!
  • Fanart/fanfiction uploaded at any point since the album release date are eligible (does not need to be a new story if it is inspired by Play)


  • Super Junior’s 8th album: Play

We look forward to your creations! Please send them using this form

Important: please note that this giveaway is for the albums only. We have supplemented in order to have 8 total albums to give away, but you will be responsible for the shipping fees.

Please join the contest only if you are willing to cover the shipping fees for your country. 
For an idea of the shipping fees for Play, please see here



[STREAMING PROJECT] SJWORLD wants to work alongside ELF and other fansites!

What is our project about?

We want to work together with other fansites and ELF to create a super-colony; working together to mass stream and raise our rank on the digital charts more efficiently.

How does it work?

Digital music sales and streaming on Korean music sites such as Genie, Soribada, MelOn, and Naver take a big part/percent of the scoring system of Music Shows.

To have your song top the charts in the music sites makes it possible to win on music shows.

What can you do?

Purchase a music pass, use your genie coupons, and win free passes on these music sites to stream.

To fansites

We are looking to work together with other fansites to do a mass streaming project. We want fansites to choose a music site they are familiar with to distribute the work and be in charge of a music site. If you have the time and don’t know how each site works you may still join and we can help you. Please DM us if you are interested on working together.


For Genie:

  • Hold hourly streaming events & share our tutorial or create their own tutorials.
  • Accept genie codes and create streaming links. Because there is a limit on how many codes per account per month can be used make a form where ELF will be asked to create links with their accounts using the donated codes.
  • Create a thread where ELF can share part of their streams obtained through free coupons. If one ELF can only stream half of their coupon and want to share the rest, they will be able to reply to the thread with their sharing links. The fansite streaming links will also be shared here.
  • ELF or fansite can mark a link expired by replying to the tweets within the thread. Owner of the tweet can then delete their tweet.

May be divided to two separate fansites as it is the one with most work.

For MelOn:

  • SJWorld will be in charge of helping ELF purchase a pass
  • Create or share tutorials
  • Hold hourly streaming events

Will also be divided to two different fansites, SJWorld will help with the first part and another site can either share our tutorials or create one of their own and hold streaming events.

For Naver:

  • Share tutorials on how to win free pass.
  • Hold hourly streaming events.
  • Collect free streaming links from people who have won the x120 event. They get downloads, we get free streams from their links.
  • Create a form to accept the links, create a form to donate links.

For Soribada:

Will also be divided to two different fansites, SJWorld will help with the first part and another site can either share our tutorials or create one of their own and hold streaming events.

  • SJWorld will be helping ELF purchase a pass
  • Share or create tutorials
  • Hold streaming events.

If you are a fansite already working on this then we would like to hear from you so we can RT and share among the other sites.

The first week is the most crucial week and so we would hold streaming events simultaneously and re-tweet among the fansites.

What can ELF do?

You can help create genie streaming links. You can stream via all 4 sites or the ones you can stream from. Naver and Genie are both free while MelOn and Soribada are paid. MelOn is the big one and is hard to top, and is the most expensive out of the two paid sites. Soribada is cheaper and easier to top. Real-time charts is updated every ten minutes as opposed to the hourly real time chart on MelOn. If you feel you really can’t help with MelOn then you might be able to afford a soribada pass. We encourage those who can purchase a pass to buy one and those who can’t to focus on genie and naver.

[PREORDER] 8th Album: PLAY

Preorder [PLAY]

with SJWorld!

☆★ Info

Super Junior’s 8th album <PLAY> will be released on November 6, 2017 – SJ’s 12th Anniversary

SJWORLD staff have begun taking preorders. Our goal is to have a high preorder count for the comeback album! We will place our collective preorders on November 1. You can send your payment on Friday, November 3 12pm KST and it will still count as a preorder. In case you can pay after November 3, your order will not count as a preorder BUT it will count in Hanteo and Gaon charts.

The 8th album has 2 versions:

Black Suit (Ver. 1) – USD14.50

One More Chance (Ver. 2) – USD14.50

If you order 1 version only, you will receive a random poster. If you order both versions, you will receive BOTH posters.


SJ-World orders albums from Leesmusic (except for UK orders)

  • Purchases from Leesmusic count towards both Hanteo and Gaon charts
  • Albums are shipped from Korea with tracking numbers
  • Leesmusic provides individual receipts per album bought
  • You can choose between 3 shipping methods: registered mail, FedEx IE or EMS
  • UK orders will be ordered from another store that would have more affordable shipping BUT would still count towards Hanteo and Gaon charts.
  • Assuming the album comes with a poster (it will be free), you have the option to have it folded or rolled.
    • The cost of shipping depends if you want no poster, folded poster or rolled poster.
    • If you opt for no poster, the cost of album would remain the same.
  • In case there will be individual covers, you have the option to pick your member cover and we will try our best to provide it for you.
☆★ Bulk orders with SJWORLD staff and representatives

Please find your city/state/country to fill out a preorder form.

  • Singapore (meetup and ship)play here
  • UK (meetup and ship)play here
  • Canada (meetup and ship)play here
    • Meetups in Vancouver, Abbotsford, and Winnipeg
  • US
    • Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Louisiana (meetups)play here
    • California (meetups in Lakewood, La Puente and Los Angeles | ship everywhere else in California)play here
    • Houston, Texas (meetups)play here
    • Indiana (meetups)play here
    • NJ/NYC (meetups and ship)play here
    • Philadelphia, PA (meetups)play here
    • Seattle/Kent, WA (meetups)play here
    • ALL OTHER CITIES AND STATES (ship) – play here
  • Mexico – will be updated soon
  • Philippines – will be updated soon
  • If you are doing a bulk order and you are ordering through SJWORLD, please give us a link to your orders and we will include them here.
☆★ Direct orders (if you can’t find a bulk order in your country)

If you cannot find anyone in your area/country who are taking bulk orders, SJWORLD can do a direct order for you. Your album order will be shipped directly from Leesmusic to you.

We will collect USD14.50 per album. Shipping will be collected later. To those whom we collected USD20 from, the excess excess would go towards your shipping cost.

☆★ Payment Methods
  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • USPS money order (for US only)
  • bank transfer (we will try to find a representative in your country to help accept your payment)
☆★ Preorder & Inquire

ONLY if your city/state/country is not listed under “Bulk Orders”

If you want to preorder but DO NOT have a bulk order in your country, please email SJacrossthe7seas@gmail.com with:
Subject title – your city/country
Body of email:

  1. Quantity of PLAY
  2. Rolled or folded poster
  3. Black Suit (Version 1) or One More Chance (Version 2) (guaranteed if you will pay by November 1 11pm KST
  4. Paying BEFORE November 3 KST or AFTER
  5. Payment method
  6. Preferred shipping method (registered mail/EMS/FedEx IE or compare all costs)

Please keep in mind that only one staff handles all direct orders. There is no need to send multiple emails of the same order. You should receive a response within 48 hours the latest. Thank you!

▶️ [Project] SJtwELFth | Establishing ELF Rules

In continuing on with our SJtwELFth project series to celebrate the boys 12th year anniversary, here’s our third project!

On a recent episode of SJReturns [1][2][3][4], the boys created “SJ Rules” to prepare for their comeback.


SJWorld is wondering what is everyone doing to support their comeback? What are your ELF rules? Everyone has their own ways of supporting the boys.

Here’s an example:


Feel free to include your name and country if you would like. Tailor to what you feel comfortable with. Your ELF rules can be as simple as just one rule to cheer them from a far or to as many goals as you want. Do what you can! Every effort counts! We encourage you to be as creative as you can~

If you don’t have time, you could also just take a picture of your approval (인) agreeing to support the boys as much as you can! Like so:


If you would like to add our beautiful SJWORLD slogan onto your picture, you may find here:


👉🏻 Tag our twitter: @sjworld or our Instagram: @sjworldnet with the #SJtwELFth hashtag. Adding any SJ-related hashtag (ie #ELFrules #ELFSolemnlySwear #블랙수트 #PLAY #슈퍼주니어PLAY #SJreturns) is a bonus!

P.S.: If for whatever reason you can not follow your own ELF rules, then… a butt slap you shall receive!

credit: @dalmoonim

Don’t forget about the first project and second project and enjoy! Please share our SJtwELFth projects with fellow ELF! 💙

[TUTORIAL] ¡Como crear cuenta en NAVER, ganar pase gratis, y transmitir!

Toda la información ha sido compilada y traducida para SJWORLD.NET

Como crear una cuenta

Nota: Puede crear una cuenta a través de LINE o Facebook. Para este tutorial, vamos a crear una cuenta a través de Line. Crear una cuenta directamente puede hacer que se suspenda. Una vez suspendido, no lo recuperarás. Se recomienda que cree la cuenta a través de SNS.



via SNS

Nota: Crear una cuenta es similar en todas las plataformas. Para el propósito de este tutorial, le proporcionaremos instrucciones con la aplicación de Naver. Los pasos coincidirán en su mayor parte.

  • Toca el ≡ (barra triple).

nv (1)

  • Toca en “로그인이 필요합니디”.

nv (2)

  • Toque en “LINE”

nv (8)

  • Toca “Allow

nv (9)

  • Aparecerá una pantalla de bienvenida. Toque en “Go to update My Info”

nv (11)

  • Marque la part superior. Ingrese el ID de Naver deseado, la contraseña, el nombre y apellido, hombre o mujer, y el cumpleaños. Ingrese su número de teléfono y toque “Verify” y espere un mensaje de texto. Una vez recibido, ingrese el código de confirmación y toque “Sign Up”.

nv (4)

  • ¡Ahora puedes iniciar sesión con Naver ID!
    • Nota: Con una cuenta de Naver, puede publicar comentarios y agregar “me gusta” a cualquier artículo o video relacionado con SuJu para ayudar a aumentar su clasificación y popularidad.



[ENG/TRANSCRIPT] Yunho’s Fireproof Leather Jacket Feat. Donghae and Heechul

Please do not take out without permission
English transcript by earthna@sjworld

HC=Heechul, YH: Yunho, HD: Kang Hodong
Satoori=regional dialect

HC: When did you start home shopping?
YH: Me?
HC: When did you start home shopping?
YH: When I was 17 years old, there was this leather jacket that I bought during trainee days. Because of this, I got hooked on home shopping and still is.
HC: Donghae, Yunho, and I were watching TV and there was a home shopping advertisement. It’s a leather jacket that doesn’t catch on fire. They put a lighter on it and it doesn’t burn. Yunho fell for it saying it doesn’t catch on fire and he bought it. “Does it really not burn? That’s a lie. What kind of leather jacket doesn’t catch on fire?” Donghae kept on asking “Hyung, does it really not burn?” on the side.
YH: Donghae said, “Burn it. Burn it.” in satoori. He’s adding oil to the fire. My pride got scratched right there.
HC: You were talking in satoori back then too.
YH: It will burn. I mean, it won’t burn.
HC: All three of us were talking in satoori.
YH: “If this doesn’t catch on fire, will you take responsibility? What will you do?” I was saying that and all of a sudden in that situation, [Donghae kept saying] “Burn it. Burn it.” When I saw it on home shopping, I was sure it wouldn’t burn. I’m type A [blood] so I’m timid. The more he did that, the more I acted strong. I said, “Because this is of a different level, it doesn’t matter if you burn it.” But at that time, [Heechul] Hyung… It would have been fine if he consulted me but he did it the same time he said “Let’s burn it.” “Let’s burn this leather jacket.”
HC: I came out of Manager Hyung’s room and said
“Hey, let’s try burning it.” “Should I light it? You said it won’t burn.”
YH: I told you it won’t catch on fire.
HC: Then Donghae kept saying “Burn it. Burn it.”
YH: He kept on saying just that. I got mad after hearing that. While I was thinking “Would it really catch on fire?”, Heechul lit it up as soon as he said “Let’s burn it.” It went up on fire, blazing.
HD: Blazing?
YH: I can’t explain it in details but it really burned up, magnificently.
HC: Instead, we spent that winter warmly.
YH: Usually, you just put the fire slightly close to it but because he got this much fire, there’s no way it wouldn’t burn.
HC: That’s the first time Yunho and I fought.
YH: We really fought to the extreme.
JH: Did you just throw the jacket away?
YH: Of course, we did.
JH: What about the money?
YH: It was gone and I just saved up again.
Members: You should have asked them to pay for it.
HC: The reason why he can’t get mad at us is back then, Yunho had a water purifier water bottle. He put coins in it. When we go somewhere, we bring all the coins and put them in there. That’s how he bought the leather jacket.
YH: Saving up like that is still a hobby of mine.
HC: That was really from a long time ago.
YH: With that, I started home shopping as a hobby because of Heechul.