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[PRE-ORDER] SJWorld’s 3rd Generation Towel


SJWorld is doing pre-orders for our 3rd Generation Towel! (The 2nd Generation had “We Are One” on the side but is no longer in production.) Fill out the form to secure your order!


  • Main slogan translation:
    • 슈주 세계 제패 = “SUJU World Domination”
  • Side translation:
    • END가 아닌 AND잖아 = “It’s not an End, but an And…”


This towel has been SJWorld’s slogan since 2009. The boys have held the towel multiple times at SMTown and Super Show concerts! Yesung held it at a Super Show. Shindong picked it up at SS3 SG and Heechul tried to kiss him over the towel. Ryeowook held it and swung it around during SMT Anaheim. Leeteuk asked for it during both SMT NYC and SMT Anaheim! Kyuhyun and Henry also picked up and held the towel. Our Leader, Leeteuk ❤ has held and displayed the towel the most. Recently on August 8th, KCON LA’s concert, Leeteuk and Heechul held the towel and instagramed about it =D


Check out the form (link below) for pictures.


Please note that you should check out the shipping cost before placing your order! We have the shipping cost for each country from our Asia and U.S. representatives!


There are important notes on both the shipping post and the order form so please make sure to read EVERYTHING!



Shipping Cost Post

Order Form


NOTICE: We cannot guarantee that your mention to us regarding towels will be answered so please input any questions, comments, or concerns on the form.

Worldwide Shipping Cost for SJ World’s Towel


The shipping cost will be per (1) towel (unless otherwise stated). Shipping will only come from Asia (Malaysia) or the U.S.

Even though the shipping costs are for EACH towel, we highly encourage to do bulk towel orders for your area/country! (Saves on shipping/freight cost).


  • Shipping with tracking
    • The cost is for 1kg + includes a tracking number.
    • One (1) towel only weighs 100g so the shipping cost is the same whether you order 1 towel or 10 towels.
    • Prices are rounded to the nearest dollar.


  • ETA from the U.S. to:
    • Canada & Mexico: 1-2 weeks
    • Everywhere else: 2-3 weeks


  • Shipping with tracking
    • Within the U.S.:
        • Shipping for 4 (or more) towels is more expensive because it becomes 1lb. There are two options for this so if you want more than 3 towels, we’ll give you the options/exact price.
        • Within the U.S., tracking is FREE (you’re paying for shipping cost only). It doesn’t have to be registered mail to have tracking

    • Outside of the U.S.:
      • To add tracking – $14
      • Adding tracking is the same as upgrading to registered mail.
  • Shipping without tracking


☆★ Suggestion ★☆

Please note that if you live outside the U.S., shipping with tracking is cheaper from Malaysia than from the U.S.


☆★ Notice ★☆

  • ETA are subject to change with consideration of public holidays, natural disasters, customs, etc.
  • Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for any lost, damage or stolen packages.
  • You may choose the cheapest shipping option without tracking but be aware that having tracking is the safest way to ensure that you will get your package.

[GIVEAWAY] #SJWorldUSAChallenge Ideas Needed!

To allow fans from all over the world to join in on the #SJWorldAtKCONLA fun, we will be playing a game that requires everyone’s participation! We are requesting your help and in return, you will have a chance to win free merchandise!


One of the games we will be playing at our SJ-World booth at KCON will be based off of fate. Whatever the player chooses will be based on your inputs!

We will have different scenarios including challenges and rewards and whatever the player chooses, they will have the choice to either:

  • Accept the challenge and receive a reward (or)
  • Reject the challenge and receive a punishment

What we need help with is for you to use your creative minds and submit in some ideas for challenges or punishments! Submit as many as you like!


  • Challenges:
    1. Dance to Sorry Sorry for 10 seconds
    2. Walk around doing Sibrows for 2 minutes
    3. Pick a partner and play the 1-leg chicken fight (first person to fall loses)
  • Punishments:
    1. Walk around the convention with a sticker on your forehead for 5 minutes
    2. Walk around the convention with one hand raised in the air for 1 minute
  1. Follow @sjworldusa
  2. Tweet the following message with a picture of the completed form below:
[#SJWorldUSAChallenge] @sjworldusa My submission will ‘Blow your Mind!’

Your account must be public. Everyone who turns in a submission will be fully and properly credited! Before each challenge, we will announce your name and where you are from, and after KCON, we will make a post crediting everyone!


Everyone who tweets a submission will be eligible to win. Winners will be able to choose from a selection of merchandise (postcards, photocards, stickers, etc.)! A post with available merchandises will be posted with the winners!

Ten (10) winners will be selected and announced on Thursday, July 30th at 10:00PM CST.

Thank you and good luck everyone!