And the winners are….!!!

First of all, we want to thank everybody that participated! It was a lot of fun going through your guesses and seeing the support for our projects.


Now, without further delay, here are the winners for the second part of our #SJWorldUSADoubleDevilGiveaway !!


First Place: Drakyulau !!!

Guessed an impressive 4 songs right and 2 of them in the right order!


Second Place: gamekyu3424!!

Guessed 3 songs right and 2 of them in the right order!



Third place: spmichellelf !

Guessed 3 songs right and 1 of them in the right order!



To all the winners: please contact us for your prize!

You can pick one of 3 great prizes

1. Devil Album

2. SJ-World Towel (grey, we are currently out of stock of the white towels)


3. 50-song melon pack (just in time for the repackaged album!)



Comments, ideas, questions? Write here!