150823 Leeteuk Instagram/Twitter/Weibo Update: ..me on a happening saturday

@special1004: ..me on a happening saturday. I went to exercise without fail today too.. I bumped into minho here coincidentally.. I went to the sauna.. And minho followed too.. From cleansing to the make up after a dip in the treatment tank.. I shared the leeteuk therapy (with minho).. At the end, minho said.. “Hyung~ my body and face seems to feel more taut” everyone, would you like to experience the leeteuk therapy? Don’t miss the chance..


@special1004: ..originally.. There are 2 wifi antennas.. They’ve exploded..ㅋㅋㅋ the fans are giving my shirt’s brand a huge windfall.. I should become a partner (with them)..


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