150821 Heechul Instagram Update


@kimheenim: Saying that I’m going to become an uncle…. it’s amazing…. #Congratulations#KimHeejin #sayingthatimgoingtobecomeanuncle #thebabysnicknameis #saekom #not #SECOM I’m already shaking like this when I discovered that I’m going to have my #saekom nephew/niece, when I discover that I’m going to have my own kid, it will feel really weird…. if it a son, I have to make him the champion at the three-legged game event at the school’s athlete meet?? if it is a daughter, I will be the MC at her school play and turn the windmill and make her number 1 too.. if its a son, I’ll treat him like a friend, if it is a daughter, I will totally be a daughter’s fool???? the members should match a timing and have kids together and make the name <Super Junior’s Super Junior>. Even imagining about it makes my heart pound???? ‘Superman is back’ and ‘Please daddy’, please make your reservation ????#SuperJuniorOfSuperJunior #SJoSJ ah.. ah Lee Donghae’s criticism from my dream last time appeared in my head again….




translated by Yoojin @sjworld.net

please take out with full credits, thankyou

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