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@special1004: ..Idol Star Athletics Championship basketball commentators..With Basketball’s crown prince Woo Jiwon hyungnim and Heo Il Woo announcer hyung~^^..us three really get along and worked smoothly together, spent an enjoyable time. The crazy amount of enthusiasm for the time of Basketball League, as much as being together (I) felt honored~^^..Idol players had a good game without any injury, all of you fighting!!!..(and) thank you to the fans too^^..



..고마워^^..어깨에 힘 빡!!!..

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@special1004: ..thank you^^..strength on my shoulder (shot up) bbak!!!..




@special1004: ..liked all the sports..and have also seen a lot of sport events, have also read a lot of books from the library when I was a child..being with Sport Star which I have yearned as a child..Wah it’s great~~^^..Such a handsome photo..Today’s support are the ELF!The cheering is really loud??!!!^^..

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