[Compilation/trans] 150809 Siwon and Eddie’s Bromance :^) and Other Weibo Posts

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@劉浩良: Stepping into the cinema, other than for the reason of work, its also for entertainment. For a nice movie, if there is a little more depth to the story, I will feel “worth it”! After experiencing once, I truly felt that, to create a movie that’s “worth it” is not that easy. <To The Fore>, not only splendid, there was also a sentence that sounds real interesting and “worth it” at this trend of times: “Don’t let the victory or defeat mess with your mind!”


@彭于晏: To The Fore Nanjing @林超賢 @崔始源 @电影破风

@崔始源: Handsome eddie oppa 


@电影破风: #电影破风#Nanjing, the cyclist came [耶][耶]

@崔始源: One fine day. We miss you shawn :^)




lol x2



onlysiwon’s another fullhouse for To The Fore in Taiwan





@崔始源: As a Korean, because of everyone’s love, I was able to finish the promotion for my 3 movies successfully/smoothly this year, really thankful for all your support, hope that will have more chance to meet with you all in the future. Please also give lots of support to my new drama that’s airing soon <She Was Pretty>!! @电影破风 @彭于晏 @keenie2012

@彭于晏: Go Jiwon(siwon’s name in the movie) never say never, don’t forget there’s me your fellow cyclist

@崔始源: You are my best buddy [玫瑰]


@keenie2012: thankyou for your hard work [爱你][爱你][爱你]

@梁爾紋mavisleung: thankyou to your manager!

@崔始源: She is the best 


@Hello戚美丽: Shy, shy, shy…






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