[150718/TRANS] Compilation of Henry’s parts in Where is My Friend’s Home? Episode 2 + FULL RAW VID

Compiled and translated by earthna @ SJWORLD.NET

Henry taught his brother Clinton Korean pick up lines

Guillaume: Clinton, are you good in Korean?
Clinton: No, I’m not. (in Korean)
Henry: Just say whatever you can say. To a woman.
Guillaume: pick up lines!
Clinton: Henry taught me.
Henry: No I didn’t teach you. It’s not something that I taught him.
Clinton: Should we have a cup of coffee?
If she says no: “It’s okay. Maybe next time.” (totally the way Henry would say it lol)
It’s Oppa’s treat.
Henry: Anything else?
Clinton: *shakes head*
Henry: But you learned so much!
Henry’s Dad: It’s because there’s no lady here. If there’s a lady, well…

Henry’s surprise visit

Guillaume asked Henry’s family if Henry calls them often. Clinton says he does all the time and can’t stand it if he doesn’t have facetime. One time, he flew back to Toronto for a surprise visit. It was Sunday morning and there was a knock on the door. His mother was quite cranky because it was so early but goes “OHHHH HENRYYY” when she opened the door. He bought her an iphone saying “Mom, this is an iphone. You need one so we can facetime”

Henry: That time, I was thinking of sending it as a present but (I came here) instead as a surprise”

Henry’s audition to SM and trainee years

Henry’s dad said they are very proud of Henry and he was a violin champion before. Then one day, he came back very excited saying he will go audition for SM. He eventually passed but his dad wasn’t that happy about it because Henry has to go to Korea. His mom was hesitant to let him go when he was only 17 years. Because of Henry’s passion, dad eventually let him go and asked mom to go and see how Henry was doing in Korea. She said he was doing okay and it is like Hollywood there in the company so dad felt better. Henry immediately disagrees and said it was all a lie. (LOL)

Henry: “In the beginning he said no.”
Caption for Dad: “I don’t know. I don’t remember.”

After two months, Henry called home and he sounded like he’s crying, his voice was shaky. Dad said he asked Henry to imagine years later when he becomes famous and everyone would be screaming and chasing after him. He’ll be successful.

Henry’s Dad: “After a couple of years, he did make it. And I’m proud of him.”

Henry got asked if he thinks he finally made it. He said “Yeah, yeah.” But continued,

“For 4-5 years I wasn’t gaining fame. Nothing was happening. There was almost nothing to do…”

Yoo Se Yoon: Didn’t you think about going back to Canada during those 4-5 years?
Henry: Of course, I wanted to go home but just couldn’t tell them.

While the other members were speaking in Korean:

Henry’s Dad: I wish I could understand Korean better. I’m learning Korean. You know why? Because probably one of these days, my daughter-in-law is Korean.
Caption: Son, you’re shocked, eh? (cue Henry’s shocked face ㅋㅋ)

From a range of 1-10, Yoo Se Yoon rated Henry’s Korean as 8.

Henry was so protective of his younger sister. Zhang Yuan was obviously making a move to his sister and he’s like “No, not that guy.” “Didn’t you say you were sleepy?” “Do you like him?” “Say that you don’t” It was really cute^^

Henry said he thinks he likes Quebec as he ate so much poutine.

Henry vs. Guillaume

Apparently, Henry played Starcraft with former pro gamer Hong Jin Ho before and Jin Ho said Henry played better than he expected and that he almost lost. Henry said he practiced everyday for the day he will play with Guillaume. They asked him if he hired a coach and he said he received training from Kyuhyun.

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