150311 One Fine Day Special Edition: Eeteuk’s Selfie Stick and D&E Sushi Episode ㅋㅋ

credit: One Fine Day

trans and transcript: teukables

shared: withsky0408 @ SJWORLD NET


D&E Sushi Episode

“Eunhae eats sushi at the airport and Donghae reaches out for the tomato egg sushi,

Hyuk: you can’t eat this

Hae: i wanna eat egg

Hyuk: i ordered this whole platter because of this

Hae: don’t lie..

Hyuk: I’m serious… eat others

Hae: But you know that i like eggs

Hyuk: Scissors paper stone

Hae: Hurry up then

Hae ends up winning*

Hyuk: in serious i really ordered this because of the egg sushi

Hae: you know that i like the egg

Hyuk: I ordered this… you can’t eat this. I’m gonna eat it /then he takes and puts it into his mouth/

Eeteuk’s Selfie Stick:

Hyuk: Hyung what will happen if we hit the selca stick like this and it falls (into the sea)?

Teuk: i will kill you…

Eunhae: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Teuk: It will not be the end of holiday but the end of your life

Hae: what if the selca stick is okay but your phone drops? Like if your phone drops but you swing your selca stick back in?

Teuk: no, i will throw you in together with it…

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