To. The people who have helped me be here today, (the people who are) my everything. <Dear. E.L.F>

 Hello I am Sungmin.
How do I begin… I’ve thought about it a lot from the very first sentence.
As I repeatedly wrote and deleted my sentences(,) the faces (of the people) I’m thankful to..
And their voices (kept) coming into my mind…
I am writing (this) letter with a heavy and cautious heart.
Everyone, I have met a good person and will be getting married on 13th December 2014.
My heart hurts when I think of everyone who must have been lost and shocked when you heard of the sudden news today.
(Although) I wanted to personally let E.L.F(,) who love me and are also my treasured friends(,) know before anyone else(,)
I’m sorry that while I was in the midst of deliberating as to when and how to even begin(,) you had to find out about it first through a news article..
Before letting (everyone) know about this(,) I was very much in conflict with myself as I thought about my own decision and of all the people who have come all this way together(,) and it was a long time of bearing with (these thoughts) on my own. Not because of the fear with regards to my decision(,) but because I was worried that the people who I am thankful for would be shocked by such news that they would never have even imagined, or that they would be hurt.
Although it is a little late, I am letting everyone know about (the news) with the love and trust I have received from everyone.
I truly want to say thank you and I love you to everyone who have always been beside me like a shadow(,) watching me grow and cheering me on(,) even though I’m nothing.
To everyone who has helped me and to our members and (the) company who have trusted and respected my decision(,)
I am truly thankful. I will continue to work hard and be the Sungmin who can repay everyone’s love.
Translated by Euodsie @ SJ-WORLD.NET

3 thoughts on “[141014/BLOG/SUNGMIN] 1 POST

  1. really a heart breaking letter but I will still continue to support him no matter what

  2. alyssa

    sad but happy for sungmin oppa.
    As long as he is happy with her thn I am hapy too.
    Sungmin fighting
    Super junior fighting

  3. J.

    This made me cry of happiness, I really wish him all the best!! And I will never, ever leave his side because I’ll always be his fan. Congratulations, Ming~ You deserve to be happy ♥

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