영원히 Happy Together #SJWORLD10주년 #10YearsWithSJWORLD

Our Love has brought us together for the past ten years, with many more to come, and more Memories we can still create together. “It is not the end but an and,” a continuation of being Good Friends, supporting one another. Ear after ear*, I’m not sure if you are The Lucky Ones or if E.L.F are but, Me & U shall keep Walkin side by side. 영원히 Happy TogetherThank You, Super Junior.

Let’s Not deviate further and get onto the purpose of this post, where we will reminisce SJWorld’s support projects and anniversary projects for Super Junior throughout our 10YearsWithSuperJunior, as SJWorld. Where we will walk down memory lane of all of our achievements.

Most of our projects have always consisted of one thing. To support Super Junior, bring us together, and show Super Junior how big and present their international ELF are.

Our Bridges Forever – Super Junior’s 9th Anniversary Project

• “7 seas” stands for all the world’s body of water and it is a reference to the 7th album
• The slogan means that ELF will follow Super Junior anywhere across the 7 seas
• The Korean version of the slogan “7대양을 가로질러 그들이 온다” translates to “They (SJ) come across the 7 seas”
• SJ-World began using the slogan when Leeteuk was released from the army on July 29, 2014
• Coincidentally, the slogan relates to the lyrics of Islands.

[The purpose of Our Bridges Together]

SJ-World wanted SJ to know that ELF from all over the world would always support them proudly even if it had been 2 years since they last released an album. In addition, it was also a celebration for 9 years since their debut.

Many ELF showed off their country by a body of water, by a mountain, or on a bridge because of the meaningful lyrics of Islands. The last line of the song says “Our Bridges Forever.” We had 41 participating countries.

[PROJECT] Our Bridges Together – 9th Anniversary Project

The Video

Thank you to the participating staff who continuously supports SJWorld and Super Junior and who made this project possible.

슈주(SuJu) 월드(World) Dominat10n Project – Super Junior’s 10th anniversary

SJ World invited E.L.F around the world and across the 7 seas to join us in our 10th anniversary video and photo book project in celebration of 10 wonderful years shared between Super Junior and E.L.F.

슈주(SuJu) 월드(World) Dominat10n Project

The Photobook & The Plaque
  • Our first attempt to give Super Junior our photobook and plaque was back in February 2017, and was given to Kyuhyun’s dad at Mom House. We don’t know the whereabouts of this photobook.
  • Our second attempt was on the 31st of December, 2017. The photobook was handed to Yesung’s Mom.


SJtwELFth – Super Junior’s 12th Anniversary

To celebrate Super Junior’s 12th Anniversary we made a project consisting of three parts. Each was created using social media and Super Junior Returns as references.

Part 1 – Recreate SJ Albums Post

⚠️ [Project] SJtwELFth | re-create SJ albums post 🎉💙

Part 2 – Reacting to Super Junior Videos

⚠️ [PROJECT] SJtwELFth | Reacting to Super Junior Videos

Part 3 – Establishing ELF Rules

▶️ [Project] SJtwELFth | Establishing ELF Rules

Other Memorable Mentions

Birthday Projects

Back when SJWorld was first created we did 15 birthday gift projects for each member.



Concert + Super Show Food Support Projects

Super Show 2 in Manila – April 2010

SMTown in LA – Sept 2010 (collaborated with other SMTown artists’ fanclubs in the US)

Super Show 3 in Manila – Feb 2011

SMTown Anaheim – May 2012

Donation Projects Made In Super  Junior’s name

Korean + Japan Red Cross

Japanese Red Cross for Japan Relief in March 2011: 7000 USD

Korean Red Cross in November 2013: 2922 USD

UNICEF in May 2010: 4,110,966.73 KRW

KAPS in November 2010: 5,100,000 KRW

PH Red Cross for Haiyan Typhoon relief in November 2013: Donated 600 purified water bottles.

For E.L.F

Save it up!

We always want to help out with digital and physical sales, this project here was made to help E.L.F. save it up, giving tips on how you too can slowly save up for new Super Junior albums. This was part of our: ‘SJWorld Project: SJ’s 2017 Comeback’ where we held donation and fundraiser projects to help album sales.


Bulk Orders

Bulk orders for Super Junior albums since 2010 – present.

Collaboration Projects

Globe Ads

In collaboration with SJPHELFS x SJPHUNION, SJWorld made a donation towards a globe ad in mall of asia to celebrate Super Junior and PH ELF.


KCon + Concert Banner Support Projects

Our support banner [Super Show USA Juseyo] was first used in SMTown Anaheim in May 2012. Also, before KCon LA 2017, it was also used in KCON LA 2015!

KCON LA 2015


KCON LA 2017

[Project Donation] SJWorld’s Support Banner for SJ D&E


[PROJECT] SJWorld ELF Support for SUJU at KCON NY 2018

The SJWorld Towel

Let’s begin by explaining what it means.

SJWorld or Super Junior World, which stands for a world covered in sapphire blue, has one slogan that has been displayed in the form of a towel. Our aim has been to walk alongside Super Junior to see their growths and be able to see them dominate the world. Thus, our slogan, “슈주 세계 제패” which stands for “SuJu World Domination.”

The members + the towel

Leeteuk first held SJWORLD’s towel at SMTown LA in 2010. From then on whenever Super Junior visits the US (SMTown NY in 2011, SMTown Anaheim in 2012 and KCon LA in August 2015), Leeteuk finds a fan with our towel and holds up the towel proudly.

After Leeteuk held the towel at KCon LA, he posted this on instagram:

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by leeteuk (@xxteukxx) on

Leeteuk and other members have also held our towels in non-US events including:

Super Show 3 in Singapore
SMTown Paris
Super Show 4 in Singapore


The SJWORLD towels and banners were featured in shows/news in Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Paris. As well as being posted on the member’s social media accounts.


Our next project is…

Find out this March 3rd when we’ll reveal our next project in celebration of 10YearsWithSJWorld as well as Sorry, Sorry’s teaser release back in 2009 when SJWorld first launched.

  • Words in bold letters are Super Junior song titles.
  • Ear after ear comes from Super Junior’s Santa U Are The One song where Eunhyuk sings “Year after Year” but coming off as Ear after Ear.

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