[NEWS] Kyuhyun Tops Japan’s Oricon Chart On The First Day!

written by winecouple0137 @sjworld

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On May 25, Kyuhyun topped the Oricon Daily Chart in Japan. He topped first on the chart and what’s best is that he did so as soon as it was released! The single includes three songs titled  ‘Celebration~ 君に架ける橋’, ‘Lost My Way’, and ‘Beautiful’.

We couldn’t be any prouder and we are sure he is very happy about the news and probably has done his “victory dance” a couple of times by now. We cannot express how happy we are, specially because of what it stands for and what it means. He not only topped the chart, but also did it on his first day and with his debut single!

And now I end this with a Happy Anniversary and a congratulatory greeting for these amazing news! I’m starting to think “Celebration” wasn’t chosen as a random album/single title! Anyways, Happy Celebration Day of Kyuhyun and we are happy to have been with you during these 10 years and hope you are with us for far longer. To more years together and accomplishments like these! 🎉🍾🍻🍷

[GAON] Physical Album Chart 2016 (Updated to 04-2016)

Album sale numbers as reported by GAON, freely available on their main site

2016 Physical Album Sales

  1. Got7 – Flight Log – 144 020
  2. Seventeen- Love & Letter – 132 402
  3. Taemin – Press It – 114 567
  4. VIXX – Zelos – 89 910
  5. Jaejoong – No. X – 84 868
  6. Teen Top – Red Point – 81 101
  7. Twice – Page Two – 80 686
  8. Winner – Exit (E) – 75 948
  9. BTS – TMBMIL Part. II – 71 319
  10. Park Yoochun – 당신의 지갑에는 얼마의 사랑이 있나요 – 67921
  11. BTS – TMBMIL Part I – 65 522
  12. CNBlue – Blueming – 64 279
  13. BAP – Carnival – 58 327
  14. Block B – Blooming Period – 51 953
  15. Red Velvet – The Velvet – 47 900
  16. DOTS OST Vol. I – 45 489
  17. BtoB – Remember That – 42 303
  18. Yesung – Here I Am – 40 183 
  19. Ryeowook – The Little Prince – 37 963
  20. Eunji – Dream – 36 507

Accumulated Sales per artist (Albums & Mini Albums ONLY, additive for 2016 releases)

  1. Got7 – Flight Log – 144 020
  2. Seventeen – First Love & Letter – 132 402
  3. Taemin – Press It – 114 567
  4. VIXX – Zelos – 89 910
  5. Jaejoong – No. X – 84 868

*Note: Gaon numbers are what typically are used for year-end physical awards

[HANTEO] Physical Album Chart 2016 (Updated to 042016)

Since there is great interest in keeping up with Hanteo numbers, we will try to keep the top 20 of the year updated here monthly. These are the final numbers for the year 2016 as reported by Hanteo.

2016 Physical Album Sales

  1. Got7 – Flight Log – 113 251
  2. VIXX – Zelos – 76 365
  3. Jaejoong – No. X – 75 550
  4. Winner – Exit – E – 59 945
  5. Ryeowook – The Little Prince – 44 063
  6. BAP – Carnival (Standard Edition) – 43 831
  7. Taemin – Press It – 41 658
  8. BTS – TMBMIL Part. II – 41 483
  9. Teen Top – Red Point (Chick Version) – 40 566
  10. Teen Top – Red Point (Urban Version) – 40 533
  11. Red Velvet – The Velvet – 40 248
  12. Seventeen – First Love & Letter (Letter Version) – 39 080
  13. Seventeen – First Love & Letter (Love Version) – 38 575
  14. Twice – Page Two – 37 192
  15. Yesung – Here I Am – 35 166
  16. CNBlue – Blueming (Ver. A) – 34 200
  17. Block B – Blooming Period – 31 202
  18. Suzy and Baekhyun – Dream – 28 979
  19. BTS – TMBMIL Part I – 28 663
  20. Park Yoochun – 당신의 지갑에는 얼마의 사랑이 있나요 – 28531

Accumulated Sales (Albums & Mini Albums ONLY, additive)

  1. Got7 – Flight Log – 113 251
  2. VIXX – Zelos – 76 365
  3. Teen Top – Red Point – 81 099
  4. Seventeen – First Love & Letter – 77 655
  5. Jaejoon – 75 550

Old Super Junior Releases Sales (Updated as numbers become available)

  • Devil (2015) – 593
  • Magic (2015) – 339
  • Fall Once Again (Kyuhyun, 2015) – 975

*Note – Hanteo represents actual sales in Hanteo-certified stores. It’s a representative fraction of total sales, and should be a fraction of the total shipped albums, represented in the Gaon chart

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[NEWS/INFO] Yesung helps co-write/compose songs for his album!

written by winecoupe0137 @sjworld

“Here I Am” the album’s title song


With the release of Yesung’s Highlight Medley for his 1st solo album we came about the fact that he helped co-write and compose the lyrics for 3 songs on his album. While we already knew about his contribution with “Here I Am” and “Confession” we can now add “My Dear” to the list of songs he helped write the lyrics or composed for.